The Pivot to Remote Implementation During COVID-19

Implementing operations management software at hospitals can be challenging even under normal circumstances. Not only concerning the technical aspects, but the interaction with key stakeholders during the process as well. Although data acquisition, mapping, configuration, and testing are the nuts and bolts of any implementation, other areas are critical for not only deploying a system, but ensuring that the client [...]

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What is Intelligent Automation for Healthcare?

Hospital IQ · Intelligent Automation As a company, Hospital IQ first started thinking about how we could utilize predictive analytics to help hospitals improve their operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence is the current technology trend many vendors and customers are considering as a strategy to get advance notice to improve decision making. But to operationalize and actually create sustained improvements from [...]

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5 Strategies for Hospitals to Reduce Inefficiencies and Patient Length of Stay

This article was originally published on Becker's Hospital Review. Growth in the healthcare industry has helped to increase accessibility to services, but it has often led to operational inefficiencies. By using predictive analytics, healthcare providers can tackle these inefficiencies, giving clinicians and administrators the time and insight to proactively manage potential issues, resulting in improved patient care. Adopting these tools [...]

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Catching Up with Our CEO: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Hospital IQ · A Conversation with the CEO Before founding Hospital IQ in 2013, I had examined the healthcare landscape and discovered that a number of academics and consultants in healthcare had proven that you can do wonders at improving operational performance in healthcare. But the approach of consultants and academics takes multiple years, is very expensive, and solves maybe [...]

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Welcoming Cerner Corporation to our Strategic Partners

Last week, Hospital IQ and Cerner announced a partnership to support health systems with predictive analytics to improve operational efficiency. While this is a major milestone for Hospital IQ, the biggest impact of this partnership will be to Cerner’s vast customer base of more than 27,500 facilities in over 35 countries, as it will help them improve and sustain performance [...]

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National Nurses Week – Celebrating Our Nurses

For one week every year, beginning May 6 and ending May 12 on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, nurses across the country, and their positive impact on the healthcare system, are recognized and celebrated. Here at Hospital IQ, we are honored to have many dedicated, devoted nurses on our team. That's why to kick of National Nurses Week we had our VP of Client Operations [...]

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Takeaways from the OR Leadership Summit

The Hospital IQ team attended the OR Leadership Summit hosted by Healthcare Purchasing News in St. Augustine, FL on January 22-24. The summit was seamlessly pulled together and was attended by numerous influential leaders whose passion to improve their ORs was palpable throughout the 48 hours we spent together. We openly discussed successes, failures, daily struggles, strategies, and near-term objectives [...]

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2020: Embracing Innovation to Improve Hospital Operations

Healthcare is an industry in transition, a seismic shift driven by an aging population, rising cost and more of the burden being shared with the consumer. Historically, change in healthcare has been achingly slow. This past year, however, we saw signs that the pace of change is accelerating. The Hospital IQ team had the opportunity to work with many hospitals [...]

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Recapping The 2019 OR Manager Conference

What do Creole, Who Dats and Hospital IQ have in common? New Orleans, of course! On September 18th and 19th, I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 OR Manager Conference in the Big Easy with several of my colleagues and a distinguished Hospital IQ customer, Dr. Tracey Carrigan from Hendrick Health System. Combined with the PACU Summit, the 2019 [...]

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5 Reasons to Visit Our Booth at the 2019 OR Manager Conference

The 2019 OR Manager Conference is a little more than a month away, and we could not be more excited! Hospital IQ has seen some phenomenal customer success since we attended OR Manager last year, and we’re ready to share the secrets of their success come September 18th. We know your time at the 2019 OR Manager Conference is valuable, [...]

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