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When it comes to healthcare, you can’t afford to guess.

Your decisions impact lives. There’s a better way to make them.

Planning for patient demand is a critical, ongoing, daily challenge for hospitals. Without advanced warning of patient surges and declines, hospitals become managed chaos, affecting everyone in the health system…ultimately diminishing the quality of patient care, staff morale and enterprise margins. Hospital IQ solutions provide forecasts of patient demand and prescriptive recommendations that help hospital leaders make better decisions that optimize capacity, scheduling and staffing operational performance in the hospital’s most important operating units.

Capacity Management
Manage Your Capacity
Manage ED, OR, and inpatient capacity using visually-intuitive forecasts to optimize resource utilization, decrease length of stay, and improve discharge performance.
Workforce Management
Align Your Workforce
Align clinical and non-clinical staff levels to actual and predicted demand across various departments to reduce labor costs and improve staff satisfaction.
Performance Management
Monitor Your Performance
Deliver standard, transparent and consistent unit, department and system-wide metrics to drive accountability and improve operating performance.

Where would you like to drive greater operational efficiency?


Identify and mitigate patient flow problems before they happen hours, days, weeks or in advance.

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Hospital IQ’s Patient Flow Solution


Align your workforce to true patient demand to increase patient care, staff satisfaction, and financial performance.

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Hospital IQ’s Workforce Solution


Design block schedules that optimize every hour of OR time, staff, and surgical beds.

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Hospital IQ’s Perioperative Solution


Automatically optimize day-by-day scheduling to maximize resources and balance staff workload.

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Hospital IQ’s Infusion Solution

Helping hospitals and health systems worldwide

“University Hospitals are engaged in a process of continuously improving the care we provide our patients. Hospital IQ has helped our units pull together as a team to see the full picture. They have given us the tools to successfully predict patient demand and to determine which changes will help us better serve our large and diverse community.”

Robyn Stosaker
MD Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Proactive Workforce Management

Putting the right staff in place at the right time benefits patient care and reduces hospital costs – advanced analytics helps predict the unpredictable.

Managing patient flow is a complex challenge in hospitals - analytics, machine learning, and simulation can be used to improve patient flow.

Managing patient flow is a complex challenge in hospitals – analytics, machine learning, and simulation can be used to improve patient flow.

Whitepaper: Improve Perioperative Performance

Effectively managing the OR presents huge challenges but when surgical suites are managed efficiently and strategically, everyone wins.

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February 18, 2020
Small Changes Drive Big Wins in Hospital Operations
Certainly, most hospitals aren’t the size of Walmart, but they’re still surprisingly large. Even small hospitals employ several hundred people; large hospitals can easily have employees numbering in the thousands or tens of thousands. Any organization with that many moving parts can witness a snowball effect from tweaks that make life a little bit better. One of the areas where we’ve seen small changes accumulate into an outsized impact is in hospital staffing…

February 13, 2020
Data: The Missing Piece in the Operating Room Utilization Puzzle
At this point in my career, I’ve observed from all angles the challenges of maximizing operating room utilization. And the one thing I’ve learned from being a stakeholder at these levels is there’s a broad acknowledgement that operating room utilization needs to be improved across the board, but hospitals aren’t quite sure about the best way to do so…

February 11, 2020
The Importance of Managing Killer Data
The implication that data and data analysis is somehow “harmless” because it doesn’t involve direct patient contact is alarming. We’ve all heard similar snarky comments about pathology. We also know how reckless that belief is. A false positive from sloppy analysis can actually kill someone if treatment is unnecessarily delayed…

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September 11, 2019
Hospital IQ Shares Strong 2019 Momentum: Revenue Doubles as More Than 100 Hospitals Adopt Advanced Operations Management Platform
Company Introduces Industry-First AI-Enabled Workforce Management Solution that Applies Advanced Analytics to Help Hospitals Align Staffing to Forecasted Patient Demand

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