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Introducing Hospital IQ

Hospital IQ is the leading operations management analytics platform used by hospital performance improvement teams to optimize efficiency. The company works with leading institutions such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital to systematically align resources—such as staff, operating rooms, and inpatient beds—with actual and predicted patient flow. Hospital IQ’s real-time predictions, “what-if” scenario simulations, and automated business intelligence empower executives to increase margins, reduce uncertainty, and improve the quality of care.

Hospital IQ was founded by a veteran team of operations management and software engineers driven by a mission to improve hospital efficiency.

Easy to implement: Leverage data from existing EHRs, bed management, and case scheduling systems

Features & Benefits

Automated reporting

Tired of spending hours pulling data together and massaging it? We built Hospital IQ to seamlessly provide and disseminate the operations intelligence necessary to manage a modern hospital.

Smarter employees

Transform your hospital into a data-driven organization that replaces trial and error decision making with powerful predictive analytics.

Faster and better decisions

Eliminate the headache of static, error-prone spreadsheets & time-consuming consultant engagements—reduce the time it takes to run analyses from months to minutes.

Prediction engines

Easily simulate operational changes that require sophisticated statistical models not found in spreadsheets - measure the impact before implementing them.

Clinical policy alignment

Analyze and predict based on your organizing principles and policy.

Efficient collaboration

Hospital IQ disseminates timely information so that hospital leaders have the necessary data to identify and solve operational weaknesses.

Real-time alerts

Anticipate and preempt patient flow related issues with alerts that use historical demand patterns & predictive analytics to make actionable recommendations.

Comprehensive analyses

Dynamic platform allows you to reliably predict the impact of your decisions up and downstream within the hospital as well as across a hospital network.

Proven methodologies

Hospital IQ makes the same management science principles proven to streamline operations on factory floors accessible to hospital leaders for the first time.

Measurable impact

Built in ROI calculator allows you to measure and prioritize the most impactful operational changes.

World-Class Technology

Hospital IQ’s platform provides hospital leaders and staff with the sophisticated tools they need to succeed.

Modern hospitals are too dynamic and have too much variability to be managed by labor intensive, error-prone, spreadsheet analysis. Nor can they “fly blind” without holistic situational awareness across the ED, OR, floor units, and disparate IT systems.

Hospital IQ brings everything together, with a foundation of continuously fresh data transformed into a sophisticated analytics engine that incorporates widely accepted operations management principles such as variability methodology and queuing theory. This data, engine and algorithms, provides a powerful cockpit to make smarter, faster, better data-driven decisions for both short-term improvements and long-term strategic planning.

How it Works

The Hospital IQ platform is cloud-based—there is nothing to install on-site and no IT build is required.

Data Collection

Hospital IQ works with data formats from all major EHR/EMR systems and many other systems as well. With well-defined data requirements that do not include any sensitive material, we can collect the appropriate data with minimal disruption to your IT staff.

EHR systems:
Cerner, Epic, AllScripts, McKesson, MEDITECH, etc.
Bed management systems:
Central Logic, Teletracking, etc.
OR systems:
Epic, Optum, Picis, etc.

Data Cleansing

Hospital IQ’s built-in algorithms identify inaccuracies, anomalies, and inconsistencies to help hospitals improve their data quality and ensure results are reliable and accurate.


Hospital IQ’s data management tools give you unparalleled insights. Additionally, you can create custom pivot tables and reports to meet your specific needs.


Hospital IQ applies widely accepted operations science (e.g. queueing theory and variability methodology) to test hypothetical changes to any area of your hospital, such as the impact of unit staffing on wait times and utilization. You can simulate census smoothing and capacity planning initiatives at the touch of a button.


Hospital IQ’s prediction engine combines current and near-term scheduling information with known patterns to provide a variety of insights to preempt a crisis. You can use it to make informed real-time decisions on scheduling and discharging.

Optimization & Management

Hospital IQ offers tools for you and your peers to converge on an achievable plan, and then receive continuous feedback of progress against milestones and regular validation of assumptions. These include detailed ROI analyses (tracking both financial and clinical metrics system-wide) and actual vs. expected reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to implement?

Hospital IQ was built from the ground up to make the onboarding process simple and fast requiring only limited resources from your hospital’s IT team. Typical customers require fewer than 2 days to get set up. Since the software is cloud-based, there is no IT build.

How is this different from a surgical scheduler or bed board?

Hospital IQ provides operational intelligence and situational awareness so that hospital leaders can make better data-driven surgical scheduling and staffing decisions. We do not replace the existing scheduling system or bed boards.

What if we don’t have the data?

Hospital IQ has a clearly defined data spec that leverages widely available data - we have yet to encounter a hospital that does not have access to the necessary data.

Does Hospital IQ require integration with an EMR?

No, Hospital IQ is a standalone cloud-based software solution that easily captures data from disparate systems but does not require integration with any existing systems, including EMRs.

Does Hospital IQ do change management?

No, Hospital IQ is a software company providing a suite of tools and solutions to enable better decision making. While our Technical Account Managers will provide support to ensure that our customers are maximizing their utility from the system, we do not participate in the implementation of decisions.

Does Hospital IQ try to influence clinical policy?

No, Hospital IQ is agnostic to the existing clinical policies of a given institution. We built our software from the ground up to provide our customers with the necessary flexibility to incorporate their institution’s clinical standards and policies into the system. Individual policy is an organizing principle within the system.

What if I am not a technologist? Is the software difficult to use?

No, we built Hospital IQ to be extremely user-friendly. We understand that people are busy and need solutions that are intuitive and time-efficient. We also provide optional part-time resources to perform your desired analyses using the Hospital IQ solution on a regular basis.

How much support comes with the software?

Hospital IQ provides each customer with a highly-trained Technical Account Manager (TAM) who can answer all of your technical questions, share ’lessons learned’ and collaborate on projects to ensure that you have the knowledge to properly tackle your most pressing operational challenges on the platform.

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