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WorkforceStaffing to patient demand is complex:
The process of ensuring appropriate staffing to the ever-changing patient demand is complicated. Nurse planning and scheduling methods, which are typically based on an average daily census, is inaccurate and has not changed in over 30 years. The result of these inaccurate schedules is a high amount of last minute schedule churn, which directly impacts financial performance, patient care and staff satisfaction.

Hospital IQ’s Workforce solution complements your existing workforce management systems to convert your reactive schedule process to a proactive process where predictions and forecasts drive better up-front schedules and proactive census-based adjustments ensuring your care teams can provide the best patient care possible.

Solution Overview
Using accurate forecasts of patient demand, Hospital IQ enables staffing managers to proactively plan staffing needs, ensuring appropriate levels of patient care in the following areas:

Schedule creation:

  • More reliable schedules create higher nurse satisfaction.
  • Transparency with staff on future staffing needs create pull-demand to fill open shifts.

Near-term adjustments:

  • Staffing managers have more time to ensure appropriate patient care and coverage.
  • Reduced time without the proper care coverage, increasing patient care and satisfaction.

Strategic planning:

  • Staff planning processes can be redesigned to highlight and account for future staffing challenges.
  • Proactively plan and engage float pool/PRN resources
Hospital IQ enables staffing managers to proactively plan staffing needs.
Staffing managers using Hospital IQ are experiencing the following benefits:

  • Achieve Financial Goals: Using the predicted forecast, nursing managers can ensure appropriate nurse coverage days in advance, reducing the number of last-minute and costly staffing adjustments.
  • Improve Patient Care: Proactive staff adjustments days in advance ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care throughout their entire stay.
  • Increase Staff Satisfaction: Increased schedule accuracy and insight into future labor demands reduces the churn that nurses experience in the schedule, enabling a more positive work-life balance.

Get ahead of the daily fluctuation in patient demand. Empower your staffing managers with workforce management tools that enable you to resolve staffing issues and align nurses to patient demand before the patients arrive.

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