Use Cases

Use Cases

Hospitals are fundamentally reactionary environments with busy EDs and unpredictable patient demand. While the mission is simple—provide quality care in a timely manner to as many people as possible—managing the variability of patient pathways and understanding the impact between hospital departments/units can be very difficult without the right tools. Hospital IQ operations planning and management platform is designed to help hospitals effectively manage and optimize perioperative scheduling and resources; inpatient and outpatient census, wait times and throughput; and staff utilization, workload, and satisfaction.

Hospital IQ for Perioperative

Block UtilizationBlock Utilization
Create a framework of accountability with electronic block schedule management and automated OR utilization reporting.
Surgeon PerformanceSurgeon Performance
Allow surgeons to understand their impact on OR performance by analyzing their performance as it relates to their peers.
Staff StructureStaff Structure
Identify opportunities to restructure staffing to reduce labor costs and improve job satisfaction based on expected demand.
Service Line ManagementService Line Management
Use service line specific tools to provide advanced visibility, planning and forecasting to better manage and grow services.
On-time First StartsSOn-time First Starts
Actively monitor and manage first case starts with automated staff notifications and correlated feedback analysis.
Elective SmoothingElective Smoothing
Analyze the effect of volume and block changes of elective procedures to optimize the balance of schedule, beds and staff

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Hospital IQ for Census

Capacity PlanningCapacity Planning
Understand unit performance and right size capacity and staff based on current and forecasted volume.
Patient MovementsPatient Movements
Identify and review forecasted patient movements for the upcoming days and take action in bed huddles and other collaborative settings.
Capacity ForecastsCapacity Forecasts
Anticipate surges days in advance, and use prescriptive actions to coordinate with stakeholders to effectively mitigate issues before they occur.
Leadership AlignmentLeadership Alignment
Engage various functional leaders with easy-to-read indicators of past, present and future performance to understand their impact on patient flow and help drive improved performance.
Patient FlowPatient Flow
Understand the correlations between ED, External Transfers, Operation Rooms and Nursing Units that create efficient patient flow.

Hospital IQ for Infusion

Appointment SchedulingAppointment Scheduling
Reduce wait times and increase utilization with automated scheduling templates based on volume, mix, capacity and demand. 
Resource UtilizationResource Utilization
Balance staff workload throughout the day and leverage analytics to optimize use of infusion resources.
We’ve been very impressed with how easy it has been for Hospital IQ to incorporate our data and provide us with timely analytics so we can make well informed decisions. There are so many good ideas at BMC, but this is the first tool that helps me see the potential impact of different options ahead of time. This will be critical for improving quality for our patients and the efficiency of our hospital. We have already identified up to $3M of potential savings, which is exciting.
– Dr. Alastair Bell, Chief Operating Office, Boston Medical Center.


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