Our Staffing solution accurately predicts future staffing needs to help hospitals:

» Improve patient care
» Decrease premium pay
» Increase staff satisfaction



reduction in
premium pay


decrease in
nursing labor costs


hours of manual work
eliminated weekly

“In nursing, adding numbers isn’t always the answer. We want to be smarter and more efficient with our existing resources. Hospital IQ has given us the ability to be proactive about our staffing needs and helps us assign, or re-assign, staff based on the actual demand.”

Shawna Gunn
Manager of Operations, MercyOne Des Moines



Current staffing practices present a number of challenges to hospitals, patients and nurses. Health systems struggle to balance the utilization of their nursing staff across the enterprise while ensuring that patients receive an appropriate level of quality care. The demanding nature of nursing along with unpredictable and ever-changing schedules leads to excessive overtime and low job satisfaction for nurses, which in turn results in significant turnover and retention issues.


Hospital IQ’s Staffing solution helps unit nursing leaders and staffing offices properly allocate staff across the hospital to meet forecasted patient demand. The solution delivers trusted and precise recommendations that help nursing leaders improve the utilization of their nursing staff, ensuring that the right nurse is deployed to the right unit and assigned to the right patient at the right time. Improved workforce alignment enhances quality of care, increases staff satisfaction, reduces turnover, and decreases labor costs for the entire health system.

Provide Full Transparency
of Staffing Needs

Hospital IQ gives nursing leaders a simple way to quickly allocate their staff based on patient needs and communicate additional needs to the staffing office. This drastically reduces the time and effort required to allocate staff each day, giving nursing leaders more time to focus on patient care activities.


Align Staff to Patient Demand

Hospital IQ enables managers to adjust department and float pool staff days in advance to meet forecasted patient demand, decreasing last-minute call-ins/offs and reducing reliance on premium pay. The system notifies nursing leaders of potential issues, allowing them to make proactive adjustments to ensure appropriate patient coverage days before a labor crises develops.

Streamline Communication
Across Stakeholders

Hospital IQ’s automated processes help nursing leaders communicate their needs in a consistent and timely manner and ensures that the staffing office can provide appropriate coverage with greater speed, ease, and agility. The built-in communications platform and alerts automatically align managers and staff on the latest status at all times.

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