Streamline resource allocation and deployment

Our Staffing solution accurately predicts future staffing needs to help hospitals increase resource utilization, improve productivity, and decrease premium pay.


“In nursing, adding numbers isn’t always the answer. We want to be smarter and more efficient with our existing resources. Hospital IQ has given us the ability to be proactive about our staffing needs and helps us assign, or re-assign, staff based on the actual demand.”

Shawna Gunn
Manager of Operations, MercyOne Des Moines


Using Hospital IQ’s Staffing Solution, customers across the country are seeing the following results:


reduction in premium pay


decrease in nursing labor costs


hours of manual work eliminated weekly


Increase Productivity

By providing both forecasted and real-time productivity, nursing leaders can proactively correct imbalances to manage to their targets instead of reacting at the last minute.

Improve Patient Care

Proactive staff adjustments days in advance ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care throughout their entire stay.

Increase Staff Satisfaction

Increased insight into the labor demands days in advance reduces the churn that nurses experience in the schedule, enabling a more positive work-life balance.


Ensuring adequate staffing to accommodate patient demand is a daily challenge for health systems. Emergency room and inpatient surges can leave hospital units understaffed and managers scrambling to ensure appropriate coverage by relying on such expensive and temporary solutions as overtime staffing, incentive pay programs, and supplemental agency staff.


Hospital IQ’s Staffing solution helps staffing managers align their staff to meet forecasted patient demand. The solution delivers trusted and precise recommendations that help managers make better staffing decisions for their nursing staff.

Identify Staffing Misalignments

Hospital IQ enables managers to accurately adjust department and float pool staff days in advance to meet patient demand by notifying staffing managers of potential issues, allowing them to proactively staff up or staff down to ensure appropriate patient coverage before a labor crisis develops.


Automate Manual Processes

With Hospital IQ, managers can ensure appropriate coverage with greater speed, ease, and agility by coordinating and validating staffing needs, in real-time, across the enterprise, eliminating excessive notes and phone calls, freeing up their time for patient care activities.

Align to Financial Objectives

Hospital IQ’s customizable policies enable health systems to establish real-time management of productivity, ensuring healthy financial performance.

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