Increase utilization and performance

Our AI-enabled Perioperative solution makes recommendations that allow hospitals to increase case volume, improve OR access, and optimize performance.


“Hospital IQ has been tremendously impactful for us. We’ve seen an increase in surgical volume by over 4,000 cases, mostly due to surgeon growth and our ability to create capacity using Hospital IQ’s tools. This volume resulted in $22 million in contribution margin generation for our organization.”

Dan Towarnicke
VP Perioperative Services, University Hospitals


Using Hospital IQ’s Perioperative Solution, customers across the country are seeing the following results:


additional procedures monthly


increase in OR utilization


hours of OR time proactively released monthly


Improve Access to ORs

Available OR time is made available in a transparent, highly visible online marketplace where surgeons or their staffs can directly request the newly available time from their preferred device (mobile, tablet, or desktop), enabling new surgeons and growing service lines to easily schedule procedures.

Increase Utilization

A combination of machine learning and forecasting technology is used to build and refine block schedules to make optimal use of your operating rooms and OR staff, as well as of specific equipment such as surgical robots.

Increase Case Volume

By recommending the release of block time that’s likely to go unused and providing both schedulers and surgeons with a simple way to claim that newly-available time, hospitals can significantly increase surgical case volume and service line growth while reducing idle OR time.


All perioperative leaders share one primary goal: utilize their operating rooms, the most expensive area of the hospital, to their fullest potential. To accomplish this, they must have enough rooms and staff available to fully meet surgical demand without leaving ORs sitting unused. Achieving this delicate balance requires integrating such complex variables as operating room block allocation, surgeon schedules and preferences, hospital policies, and staff schedules.


Hospital IQ’s Perioperative solution makes actionable recommendations that help perioperative leaders optimize capacity to better meet true surgical demand and improve perioperative performance. This real-time, data-driven platform applies system-specific policies, machine learning, and optimization algorithms to hospital perioperative data to accurately forecast OR usage and make recommendations that will increase surgeons’ access to the OR, improve OR and staff utilization, and identify opportunities for growing volume.

Improve Access to OR Time

Hospital IQ streamlines access to the OR, predicting which surgical blocks are most likely to be unused and enabling surgeons and their staff to view and request the available OR time that best fits their schedules using their mobile devices.


Simplify the Improvement Process

Hospital IQ’s workflows simplify administrative tasks and help drive improvements by applying robust analytics and machine learning to the hospital’s own data, providing on-demand access to automated block change recommendations, first case on-time start workflows, block release recommendations, to name a few.

Align OR Staff to True Demand

Hospital IQ’s robust workforce planning capabilities demystify the staffing process by predicting the OR’s needs based on historical patterns and optimizes staffing levels, automatically scheduling staff and identifies potential overstaffing and understaffing situations in advance, allowing managers to adjust proactively.

Managing Surgical Services During COVID-19


As perioperative departments around the country are starting to open for elective surgeries, hospitals must be prepared to meet the pent-up patient demand for surgical care. Here are 7 guiding tenets for operationalizing surgical services during the ongoing pandemic.