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Increase OR Utilization
OR Utilization
Reduce Staff Overtime
Staff Overtime
Improve On-time First Starts
On-time First Starts
Grow Surgical Volume
Surgical Volume
Align Staffing Structure
Staffing Structure

Successfully managing and allocating operating room blocks, schedules, and staff is often a complex and financial challenge. Perioperative leaders must ensure adequate OR capacity and staff to meet surgical demand while also ensuring their ORs and staff don't sit idle. But schedules, surgical block allocation and other critical resource decisions are made well in advance of actually booking cases. Therefore they run the risk that available resources will either fail to meet actual demand or will exceed it. And efforts to reallocate blocks or adjust staff schedules to appropriately align with patient demand are often met with resistance from surgeons and OR staff.

Hospital IQ is a data-driven operations management software platform that applies system-specific policies, machine learning and optimization algorithms to the hospital's various perioperative data sources to help improve how the entire perioperative suite functions. By accurately forecasting OR usage and providing action-driven recommendations that improve block, OR, and staff utilization, as well as grow surgical volume, Hospital IQ's Perioperative Solution helps perioperative leadership gain organization-wide trust in the data that drives their decisions and build strong governance and accountability frameworks across key stakeholders.
Capacity Management: Improve access to OR time Hospital IQ streamlines access to the OR, enabling surgeons and their staff to view and request the available OR time that best fits their schedules. In addition, it predicts which surgical blocks are most likely to go unused, giving other surgeons and schedulers the opportunity to book cases and fill those primetime slots.
Capacity Management: Increase volume and improve utilization
Workforce Management: Decrease Labor Costs Hospital IQ enables you to implement surgical staffing strategies that better meet surgical demand as well as make better workforce decisions throughout the perioperative suite that improves the quality of care, enhances staff satisfaction, reduces turnover, and decreases labor costs for the entire health system.
Workforce Management: Decrease Labor Costs
Performance Management: Improve OR Performance Hospital IQ provides an almost unlimited number of standard and customizable reports and scorecards that promote accountability, transparency, trust, cooperation, and continuous improvement throughout the perioperative suite and the entire healthcare system.
Performance Management: Improve OR Performance

Operational efficiency that delivers the best patient care for the most people.

Hospital IQ’s surgical planning capabilities creates a framework for accountability. For instance, I can work with departments to set the expectation that days with, say, less than 50% OR utilization require an explanation. In the past, it would take hours of work to compile this data.
– Yi-An Huang, Director of Procedural Operations, Boston Medical Center.

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