Increase throughput and decrease excess days

Our Inpatient solution uses AI to enhance your data and drive action across care teams to prevent bottlenecks and coordinate discharge activities.


“Hospital IQ’s predictions have provided remarkable value in identifying high-priority patients, saving us considerable time prioritizing today’s patient discharges and enabling us to pre-plan tomorrow’s discharges.”

Dr. Brian Boggs
Vice President, Medical Affairs


Using Hospital IQ’s Inpatient Solution, customers across the country are seeing the following results:


reduction in LOS


reduction in ED LWBS


hours of manual data collection eliminated weekly


Reduce Length of Stay

Using accurate length of stay predictions and comparisons to GMLOS, Hospital IQ creates alignment between providers and care teams, and drives focus to the most impactful patient populations (observation, bundled payments) or into specific units.

Increase Bed Utilization

Machine learning-based patient forecasts are used to improve decision making and promote optimal utilization and throughput (e.g., flexing beds and moving patients to prepare for future demand) within your nursing units and across your health system.

Reduce ED Boarding

Through census predictions and prescriptive recommendations to improve patient throughput, hospital leaders can proactively prepare for patient surges, allowing new patients to move directly from the ED to an inpatient unit without boarding.


Efficiently managing patient flow is one of the greatest challenges that hospitals face. The consequences of poor patient flow management can be severe: unnecessary expense, over-stressed staff, and less effective patient care.


Hospital IQ’s Inpatient solution enables hospitals to prevent patient flow problems before they arise. It integrates machine learning-based artificial intelligence with the health system’s own data and relevant external information (e.g. flu season, weather, air quality) to enable hospital leaders to proactively plan for future census needs, anticipate bottlenecks, and coordinate discharge activity – all in real time. In addition, it engages leadership teams in the improvement process and promotes cooperation by standardizing and sharing performance measurements across the organization.

Dynamically Align Capacity to Demand

Hospital IQ provides the insight and recommendations that enable hospitals to better utilize resources across all facilities by predicting patient census across the entire health system to automatically recommend actions (e.g. opening beds, redirecting placements) to ensure a smooth and continuous patient flow over several days.

Reduce Length of Stay

Hospital IQ’s recommendations and workflows engage front-line staff within and across the hospital (e.g. care teams, laboratory, radiology, etc.) to appropriately expedite the discharge process and reduce excessively long patient stays.


Use Trusted Metrics to Drive Improvement

Hospital IQ puts critical, real-time patient-flow information at hospital leaders’ fingertips with detailed performance scorecards that can be tailored to each leader’s specific needs. These scorecards automatically deliver key metrics and trends (i.e., admissions, discharges, and transfers) and measure performance against goals.

Surge Management

Become Proactive in Managing Patient Surges

Proactively plan for increased patient volume by identifying early, accurate, specific, and targeted triggers for surge response activation – at every patient surge hotspot.