Our Patient Flow solution uses AI to enhance your data and drive action across care teams, helping hospitals:

» Reduce length of stay
» Decrease avoidable delays
» Reduce ED boarding



reduction in
length of stay


reduction in ED
left without being seen


hours of manual data
collection eliminated weekly

“Hospital IQ’s predictions have provided remarkable value in identifying high-priority patients, saving us considerable time prioritizing today’s patient discharges and enabling us to pre-plan tomorrow’s discharges.”

Dr. Brian Boggs
Vice President, Medical Affairs



Poor patient flow management has severe consequences such as unnecessary expenses, overworked and stressed staff, and less effective, even unsafe, patient care. Care teams struggle to coordinate patient treatment across departments resulting in patients waiting for care, boarding in the ED and PACU, or staying longer in the hospital than they need to. With minimal insight into potential issues and siloed communication, managers are left to reactively adjust to unexpected issues as they arise.


Hospital IQ’s Inpatient solution empowers leaders by providing situational awareness to future capacity constraints, identifying and orchestrating discharge activities, and effectively communicating actionable insights from discharge barriers to bottlenecks, all in real time. By integrating machine learning-based artificial intelligence and forecasts with a health system’s own data, Hospital IQ accurately predicts future patient demand, missing test orders, misclassified patients, and post-discharge accommodations while prioritizing specific patients for discharge to handle throughout and capacity challenges before they arise.

Mitigate Future Capacity Bottlenecks

Hospital IQ delivers system-wide situational awareness of current and future capacity needs, automatically identifying bottlenecks up to 7 days in advance and communicating directly to frontline leaders through customizable alarms and messaging. These real-time insights and targeted recommendations help hospitals proactively prevent capacity issues before they occur.

Orchestrate Action on Discharges

Hospital IQ’s prescriptive recommendations and AI-enabled workflows engage frontline staff across the hospital to expedite the discharge process, reducing unnecessarily long patient stays and avoidable days. By predicting discharge barriers (e.g. test results, post-discharge placement needs) and automatically prioritizing discharges, care teams quickly align on the high impact patients.


Streamline Communication Across Departments

Hospital IQ’s robust communication infrastructure keeps staff connected and aligned across all levels. From the patient-level details required to ensure a timely discharge to system-wide alerts, such as a level of care approaching capacity, that focuses care teams and frontline managers on where to take action.

Surge Management

Become Proactive in Managing Patient Surges

Proactively plan for increased patient volume by identifying early, accurate, specific, and targeted triggers for surge response activation – at every patient surge hotspot.