Optimize scheduling practices

Our Infusion solution uses machine learning to optimize your infusion schedule, enabling facilities to maximize utilization and grow volume.

“We’d been experiencing enormous patient delays and staff dissatisfaction due to the issues in our scheduling process. With Hospital IQ, we were able to decrease our patient wait time by 45% within 2 months of implementation, saving $4.7 million annually from this improved chair and staff utilization.”

Dr. Michael Zinner
CEO and Executive Medical Director, Miami Cancer Center


Using Hospital IQ’s Infusion Solution, customers across the country are seeing the following results:


decrease in patient wait times


increase in case volume


decrease in staff overtime


Grow Volume

By smoothing patient schedules to avoid peaks and valleys, infusion centers can unlock hidden capacity and maximize their patient volume.

Reduce Wait Times

By applying advanced analytics to the center’s own data, patient schedules are balanced and accurate, ensuring that chairs are ready when the patient arrives.

Optimize Throughput

Using advanced analytics, infusion leadership can determine the most appropriate appointment lengths and balance them across the workday.


Infusion centers confront predictable dilemmas; unbalanced chair utilization throughout the day and unexpected events (e.g. cancellations, add-ons, adverse reactions, pharmacy delays), which result in long patient wait times and both patient and staff satisfaction issues.


Hospital IQ’s Infusion solution gives infusion center leaders the time and insight they need to make better, more informed decisions and improve performance. This data-driven platform applies system-specific policies, machine learning, and optimization algorithms to infusion center data to accurately forecast patient demand and make recommendations that will improve infusion center utilization and help grow volume.

Build a Better Schedule, Increase Volume, Improve Utilization

Hospital IQ helps leadership simplify and optimize the patient scheduling process to increase volume and maximize chair utilization while reducing patient wait times by identifying appropriate appointment lengths and smoothing these appointments across the workday.

Better Align Staffing to Meet True Demand

Hospital IQ helps leadership align staffing strategies to better meet patient demand and make better workforce decisions throughout the infusion center by automatically analyzing and balancing staff workloads based on regimen types, patient volume, and chair capacity, helping to avoid uneven workload distribution and overscheduling employees.

Drive Continuous Performance Improvement

Hospital IQ generates tailored reports and scorecards that give stakeholders a clear view of the scheduling process, enabling ongoing review, and promoting operational accountability.