Elective Smoothing

Design a program to smooth surgical block demand to optimize surgical bed utilization and staffing efficiency.

Inpatient elective procedures are a major driver of revenue and consume critical resources. Typically the majority of all surgical volume is elective, meaning perioperative leaders can exercise significant control over patient demand for beds. Shaping the elective schedule to balance the needs and preferences of surgeons, staff, and patients is a daunting task. Hospital IQ baselines the impact of the surgical schedule on operations and provides a platform for testing realistic demand-shaping scenarios to improve care, increase surgical throughput, and optimize bed resources.

Hospital IQ Solution

  • Isolate and analyze elective inpatient volume and its impact on nursing units
  • Formulate operational improvements by simulating the impact of block and volume changes on inpatient census
  • Operationalize patient flow improvement strategies and monitor performance through expected versus actual patient census reports
  • Calculate the ROI of potential changes in advance of implementation