Census Forecasting

Harness powerful predictive capabilities to anticipate and proactively manage census variability

Mismatches between inpatient census and staffing levels negatively impact a hospital’s bottom line, patient care, staff satisfaction, and staff retention. The inability to anticipate and staff up to meet peaks in census leads to long ED/PACU wait times, lost revenue from ambulance diversions and patients leaving the ED without being seen, as well as costly staff overtime and suboptimal patient-to-nurse staffing ratios.

Hospital IQ Solution

  • Offers a “crystal ball” to nurse managers, patient flow directors, and operations leaders with up to 7 days of forecasts of unfulfilled bed requests, location-specific census, boarders, and misplacements
  • Provides forecast drilldowns down to levels of care, units, and even sub-units
  • Calculates grades to objectively rank various potential courses of action
  • Generates specific, actionable recommendations to improve outcomes, such as proactive scheduling and prioritized discharging, leading to reduced overtime, ED/PACU boarding, and ED diversions