Capacity Planning

Hospital IQ allows nurse leaders to reduce overtime and stabilize nurse-to-patient staff levels through the use of forecasting tools.

Shifts in the healthcare landscape are increasing the demand on hospitals’ finite resources. Spreadsheet-based planning tools don’t account for unpredictable arrival patterns of patients and variability in length of stay. This results in inaccurate staffing forecasts which lead to overtime and suboptimal patient-to-nurse staffing. By building a forecast that accounts for both variability as well as averages, Hospital IQ significantly improves the accuracy of staffing plans. The result is reduced cost, improved care and higher staff satisfaction.

Hospital IQ Solution

  • Analyze historical demand patterns and their impact across the hospital (both up and downstream)
  • Identify opportunities to reduce expenses by adding lower-cost beds to reduce boarding in higher-cost care centers such as PACU and ED
  • Use modern queuing science and simulation models to develop accurate staffing plans
  • Accurately predict the optimal number of staffed beds for each shift based on appropriate clinical policy
  • Detailed ROI quantifying the impact of changes associated with flow, volume, and capacity