Hospitals are fundamentally reactionary environments with busy EDs and unpredictable patient demand. While the mission is simple—provide quality care in a timely manner to as many people as possible—managing the variability of patient pathways and understanding the impact between hospital departments/units can be very difficult without the right tools. The Hospital IQ operations planning and management platform is designed to help hospitals effectively manage and optimize resource utilization, patient wait times, staff workload, and the satisfaction of everyone involved.

See the big picture and proactively manage today

See the big picture and proactively manage today.
Hospital IQ integrates with your existing data systems to form an accurate and verifiable view of your OR, ED and inpatient resources within a hospital or across an entire health system. Proactively solve problems by identifying and addressing issues days or weeks in advance down to individual procedural areas, beds, or affected patients and staff via an integrated, intuitive interface.

Get it right the first time, every time

Get it right the first time, every time.
Hospital IQ uses predictive modeling to show what will happen in advance to inform your surgical scheduling, staff scheduling, ED and patient flow. Improve patient access and your cost structure with precise recommendations and the ability to simulate and evaluate the impact of changes using predictive analytics.

Stop guessing and confidently plan for the future.

Stop guessing and confidently plan for the future.
Hospital IQ takes the guess work out of strategic planning with holistic simulation and what-if modeling capabilities. Understand the impact of strategic changes and investments to ensure a strong financial performance over the long haul.

Hospital IQ can help you drive operational efficiency across the entire hospital and health system.

Operational efficiency that delivers the best patient care for the most people.