Solutions for All Hospital Stakeholders

Hospital IQ solutions

Whether you’re a Chief Medical Officer trying to rationalize inpatient units, a CFO trying to understand the ROI of a potential acquisition, a COO looking to optimize OR capacity, or a Chief Nurse trying to improve staffing plans, the Hospital IQ platform allows you to reliably solve your most pressing operational challenges. The robust platform allows you to formulate optimal solutions on a network-wide, hospital-wide, and individual clinical service level basis.


For Doctors:

  • Increase surgical throughput
  • Optimize block schedules
  • Fewer bumped cases
  • Stability of surgical team
  • Optimally size level of care

For Nurses:

  • Improve patient outcomes & safety
  • Increase bed utilization
  • Improve staff satisfaction
  • Consistent patient / nurse ratios
  • Reduce unwanted overtime

For Hospital Administrators:

  • Improve operating margins
  • Reduce overtime
  • Reduce length of stay
  • Reduce wait times
  • Optimize multi-campus planning

Supporting Services

Hospital IQ provides a variety of services to ensure customers quickly and easily achieve immediate value from our platform. Setup and training can be achieved within a few weeks. In addition we provide your organization with highly trained Technical Account Managers (TAMs) who:

  • Answer your technical questions to ensure proper use of the platform
  • Provide invaluable guidance based on best practices and “lessons learned”
  • Collaborate with you on improvement initiatives
  • Furnish an annual assessment report
  • Serve as your advocate to enhance the Hospital IQ platform based on your hospital's evolving needs
  • Contract on a part-time basis to act as your institution’s Hospital IQ business analyst. This is an affordable and attractive option for many small to mid-size institutions.