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Modern hospital leaders are faced with dynamic environments that suffer from frequent variability. Most often, leaders are required to rely on labor-intensive, error-prone spreadsheet analysis to make important departmental decisions. But these departmental decisions are often made without having a holistic awareness of their impact across the ED, OR, floor units, or the health systems as a whole.

Hospital IQ brings everything together, with a foundation of continuously fresh data transformed into a sophisticated analytics engine that incorporates widely accepted operations management principles such as variability methodology and queuing theory. This data, analytic engine, and algorithms provide a powerful toolkit to make intelligent data-driven decisions for both short-term improvements and long-term strategic planning.

Automated reporting Automated reporting
Tired of spending hours pulling data together and massaging it? We built Hospital IQ to seamlessly provide and disseminate the operations intelligence necessary to manage a modern hospital.
Smarter employees Smarter employees
Transform your hospital into a data-driven organization that replaces trial and error decision making with powerful predictive analytics.
Faster and better decisions Faster and better decisions
Eliminate the headache of static, error-prone spreadsheets & time-consuming consultant engagements—reduce the time it takes to run analyses from months to minutes.
Prediction engines Prediction engines
Easily simulate operational changes that require sophisticated statistical models not found in spreadsheets – measure the impact before implementing them.
Clinical policy alignment Clinical policy alignment
Analyze and predict based on your organizing principles and policy.
Efficient collaboration Efficient collaboration
Hospital IQ disseminates timely information so that hospital leaders have the necessary data to identify and solve operational weaknesses.
Real-time alerts Real-time alerts
Anticipate and preempt patient flow related issues with alerts that use historical demand patterns & predictive analytics to make actionable recommendations.
Comprehensive analyses Comprehensive analyses
Dynamic platform allows you to reliably predict the impact of your decisions up and downstream within the hospital as well as across a hospital network.
Proven methodologies Proven methodologies
Hospital IQ makes the same management science principles proven to streamline operations on factory floors accessible to hospital leaders for the first time.
Measurable impact Measurable impact
Built in ROI calculator allows you to measure and prioritize the most impactful operational changes.


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