Improve OR Utilization
with Predictive Analytics

Perioperative leaders share a common goal of optimizing OR and resource utilization, but operational complexities abound. If your organization is evaluating ways to improve perioperative operations, it’s critical to find a solution that manages capacity, throughput, and staffing holistically.

Challenges In Optimizing OR Utilization


Limited Visibility to Available OR TimeWith so much OR time allocated to blocks, surgeons without block time struggle to book cases. OR schedulers spend their day fielding constant requests for OR time from surgeons, trying to accommodate them.


Surgical Blocks Are UnderutilizedMany ORs have 90% of prime-time allocated, but utilization below 60%. Inconsistent reporting, surgeon contracts, operational inertia, and more prevent alignment on proposed block changes.


Real-time Visibility to Perioperative PerformanceEvery day in the OR suite starts with a plan, but those plans change based on new developments. This creates a scramble to ensure ORs are resourced and running, and often extends into off-prime hours.


Inconsistent data and reportingEHRs, materials management, and other IT systems are a rich resource of clinical and business data but lack real-time operational data or prescriptive workflows.

Benefits of AI-driven Analysis and Automated Workflows


Uncover and Use Hidden OR timeUncover and Use Hidden OR time Hospital IQ identifies blocks likely to go unused up to 35 days in advance and prompts blockholders to release them to an online marketplace allowing surgeons in need of OR time to easily find it. Watch our webinar to learn more.


Optimize the Block ScheduleBy assessing all procedures performed, Hospital IQ recommends surgeons, practices, or service lines that should receive additional or reduced block time as well as specific blocks to reallocate. Watch our webinar to learn more.


Improve Perioperative ThroughputHospital IQ provides real-time and future visibility into rooms running, as well as PACU and post-surgical capacity, to see how delayed, long running cases, add-ons, or cancelations are impacting throughput. Watch our webinar to learn more.


Drive Improvement With Metrics That MatterHospital IQ automates distribution of tailored executive and surgeon scorecards to key stakeholders to build consensus and collaboration as well as create a fair and transparent governance process. Watch our webinar to learn more.

Hospital IQ is the first and only perioperative operations management solution on the market that applies this holistic approach to improve perioperative performance across the enterprise. To find out how Hospital IQ can help your hospital or health system sustain peak operational excellence, contact us today at