Dynamic Block Management

Digital Transformation Takes Perioperative
Performance To The Next Level

Typical ORs may have over 90% of prime-time allocated, but less than 60% utilization because utilization is effectively capped with existing block management methods.


How block time is allocated and managed needs to be fundamentally reconsidered. It can no longer be considered static, it needs to become dynamic.

An advanced operations platform can help hospitals dynamically manage their block schedule and improve the cycle of OR utilization by focusing on leading performance indicators.

Increase block release lead time

Releasing time well in advance enables blockholders to improve their performance metrics and increases the probability that time will be filled

Perform holistic block management

Prescriptive recommendations for optimizing the block schedule makes understanding performance and block reallocation routine

Create schedule transparency

An open marketplace of time allows surgeons to easily find and request time, giving them the ability to increase case volume

Enable real-time block management

Automated OR scheduler workflows and streamlined communication with practices and service lines improves the process for all stakeholders

For more, download the full Dynamic Block Management e-book here.