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Your decisions impact lives. Our customers have found a better way to make them.

Our customers are healthcare leaders and innovators who are driven to be on the forefront of change in the delivery of quality patient care. They understand the value of data and are leading the pursuit to capitalize on the opportunities that a modern, robust operations management and planning platform can deliver. They know what they want to accomplish or can envision what’s possible with the right tools and investment.

“Using the predictive tools and simulations that only Hospital IQ can provide, I can help hospital leadership make faster, higher-quality, data-driven decisions regarding expansion, case leakage, and growth using a fraction of the resources that we needed before.”

Tracey Carrigan
Director of Surgical Services

Hendrick Health System

Increase increased prime time case volume by more than 1,300 net new cases
Increase increased OR block utilization by 15%
Increase transformed its nursing shift structure

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University Hospitals - Cleveland
“University Hospitals are engaged in a process of continuously improving the care we provide our patients. Hospital IQ has helped our units pull together as a team to see the full picture. They have given us the tools to successfully predict patient demand and determine which changes will help us better serve our large and diverse community.”

Dr. Robyn Strosaker
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

“We knew we had critical information in our own data that we could leverage to improve performance and drive innovation throughout our system, but we didn’t have the tools to look at the data and take action on it before Hospital IQ”

Dan Towarnicke
Vice President, Perioperative Services

University Hospitals - Cleveland

Decrease decreased ED boarding hours by 10%
Decrease reduced length of stay by 15%

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Increase generated $17 million in contribution margin from operational changes
Increase increased OR block utilization by 5% within the first 6 months

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Boston Medical Center
“We’ve been very impressed how easy it has been for Hospital IQ to incorporate our data and provide us with timely analytics so we can make well informed decisions. There are so many good ideas at BMC, but this is the first tool that helps me see the potential impact of different options ahead of time. This will be critical for improving quality for our patients and the efficiency of our hospital.”

Dr. Alastair Bell
Chief Operating Officer

“Hospital IQ’s Surgical Planning module creates a framework for accountability. For instance, I can work with departments to set the expectation that days with, say, less than 50% OR utilization require an explanation. In the past, it would take hours of work to compile this data.”

Yi-An Huang
Director of Procedural Operations

Boston Medical Center

Increase increased volume by 2.7%
Increase improved on time first starts from 45% to 85%
Addition instituted service line management

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“Since making the decision to focus on length of stay for observation patients, we have reduced hours per patient by over 30%. This was achieved through the combination of process improvements and Hospital IQ’s platform.”

Diane Murphy
Market Director Performance Excellence, Logistics & Virtual Care

MercyOne DesMoines

Decrease reduced average observation length of stay by 33% (more than 12 hours per stay)
Bed gained 100 bed days each month (equivalent of adding 3.6 beds of capacity)

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“We’re able to look at data—by hour and days of the week—to remodel staffing requirements going forward. We’ve made modifications based on actual historical utilization and now have predictability about what resources are or are
not required. With dynamic staffing the OR was able to flex its staff based on the demand.”

Gloria Lockett
Perioperative Administrative Consultant


Increase increased operating room utilization by 9%
Automated automated report generation and analysis to reduce the time using manual processes and spreadsheets by 50%
Addition increased perioperative productivity by decreasing staff idle time by more than 4%
Decrease reduced labor cost by 7% with dynamic staffing structure

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