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Frontend Engineer

We’re looking for a developer with a discerning eye and knack for building intuitive user interfaces with compelling visualizations. In this role, you will lead UI development efforts of major features all the way from concept to deployment. This includes meeting with customers to review and refine mockups, and collaborating with backend engineers on API design.


  • Design & implement product features using JavaScript, LESS, Handlebars, Vue.js, and third-party libraries
  • Bring data to life with insightful, actionable visualizations
  • Collaborate with the team and customers on feature requirements and prioritization
  • Ensure the continued stability, performance, and quality of the Hospital IQ codebase, and security of customer data
  • Vet, integrate, and enhance third-party scripting libraries such as D3, Highcharts, Lodash, and Selectize


  • 4+ years designing and developing complex web applications using JavaScript + jQuery + CSS/Less/Sass
  • Object-oriented JavaScript programming skills
  • RESTful API design skills
  • Exposure or interest in build/package tools (gulp/yarn/npm) a plus

Note: A full stack role is also available for candidates with interest in our Python + Django + MySQL server-side stack on Google Cloud Platform.

Work Environment:

  • A remote workforce that values frequent opportunities to work and collaborate together, including in-person at headquarters and customer sites
  • Hospital IQ benefits include a stipend for a remote office space
  • Professional development and advancement opportunities
  • Minimal travel required

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Career Opportunity: Frontend Engineer

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