Buying great software is never enough to truly achieve meaningful change. True change, in any organization, can only be achieved through a combination of three factors: people, process, PLUS technology.

While the mantra seems simple, understanding its composition is the best way to recognize the path to innovation.  Change requires that people not only see an opportunity to improve a business function, but they are also willing to be held accountable to take the necessary steps to improve it with the right support from the organization. When employees can visualize how their efforts will improve the business, as well as the lives of clients, and take ownership, the opportunities are boundless.

Another component to affecting change involves the processes for planning and evaluating the problems that need to be solved. It’s important to gain consensus regarding the right path forward, and come to an agreement on how a solution will be will be implemented and run. Assigning ownership and accountability throughout a process implementation is essential to its success. Without the right level of accountability, when strategic priorities change, initiatives can quickly lose momentum as attention and resources are directed elsewhere.

Once you see the opportunity to change, understand how you will ensure it is change for the long term, and have the commitment from all the key stakeholders, then you are ready to decide which potential technology solution will address the specific problem in a manner consistent with the aforementioned people and process you have already established.

Some of the key considerations, include:

  • How flexible is the solution?
  • How much customization is needed?
  • How user friendly is the tool (does it require access to IT and others) to make its data usable?
  • If you evaluate a range of potential outcomes, does the solution provide a compelling chance that it will generate (or save) a factor of at least 2-3X over a period of no more than 2-3 years? Does it require the need to acquire dedicated servers?

Today’s hospital leaders are focused on initiating significant, yet meaningful change.  While profitability is always a motivation, the healthcare industry has the added objective to provide high quality of care to an ever-growing number of patients. To achieve this, organizations must focus on its people, processes, and technology to become more efficient. You can’t have one without the other (two).



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