As a company, Hospital IQ first started thinking about how we could utilize predictive analytics to help hospitals improve their operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence is the current technology trend many vendors and customers are considering as a strategy to get advance notice to improve decision making. But to operationalize and actually create sustained improvements from the intelligence provided through AI, you need so much more. AI will analyze massive amounts of data and then present options for improvement, but it leaves the burden of determining what to do, when to do it, and how to do it with the end user.

Intelligent automation is what will truly set innovative companies apart. By analyzing the insights provided by AI, Intelligent automation makes precise and accurate recommendations of what actions to take and when. What’s more, it seamlessly delivers the right information to the right person at the right time so they can take the right action.

Think about Mapquest vs. Waze. When Mapquest came online, suddenly we all could get turn-by-turn directions to anywhere we wanted to go. No more unfolding big maps in the car, no more going to AAA for a custom TripTik. Just go online, print out your directions, and away you go. But what happened if you ran into construction, road closures, or a traffic jam? You had to figure out adjustments on your own or just ride out the problem.

Waze, on the other hand, is constantly analyzing new data and updating in real time. When circumstances change, so does your route — all while providing an updated ETA and mileage. That’s Intelligent automation. And that’s what Hospital IQ brings to your hospital.

That combination of workflow automation and communication created by Intelligent Automation enables hospitals to streamline and improve their standard operating practices and create sustainable advancements in performance. Whether it’s analyzing upcoming OR volumes to recommend schedule changes, or prioritizing patient discharges to speed the discharge process, Intelligent Automation drives quantifiable improvements.

It shows in the results we’ve delivered to our customers: improved access to ORs, resulting in increased case volume and a 5%-10% increase in utilization; a 50% reduction in nurse premium as a result of proactive staff planning; The elimination of hundreds of hours of manual work performed each week to prioritize and drive patients discharges.

This is what Hospital IQ does and this is what we can bring to your health system. Our biggest value is making your job easier. With recommendations that are actionable, meaningful, and accurate, we drive actions that sustain peak operational performance. Intelligent automation is how we do it.

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