Last week, Hospital IQ and Cerner announced a partnership to support health systems with predictive analytics to improve operational efficiency. While this is a major milestone for Hospital IQ, the biggest impact of this partnership will be to Cerner’s vast customer base of more than 27,500 facilities in over 35 countries, as it will help them improve and sustain performance excellence, which ultimately ensures that patients are receiving the highest level of patient care.

Through this partnership, Hospital IQ will integrate directly with Cerner’s suite of industry-leading products and will be an integral part of Cerner’s Real Time Health System suite of solutions to provide real-time, closed-loop predictive capabilities and situational awareness. Health system operators, administrators, and clinical leaders will have the opportunity to increase foresight and knowledge of their operations with ample time for front-line staff to take the specific actions to achieve sustained improvements. In addition, health care executives and operators will have a robust set of data, analytics, and information that allow large health systems to benefit from their economies of scale.

Now more than ever, operational excellence is critical as hospitals are reopening surgical services and rescheduling the backlog of elective procedures that were canceled as a result of COVID-19. In this process, they are realizing that the old methods (e.g. spreadsheets and other manual methods) can not account for the variability and dynamics they are trying to manage through. This is just one area in which the partnership between Hospital IQ and Cerner will have a major impact as health systems are looking to their EMR provider for any potential solutions to help them. Cerner can now offer a turnkey solution in Hospital IQ that will provide immediate impact for their customers that will not only help them “flatten their curve” of elective procedures, but emerge from these unprecedented times more efficient and more optimized than ever before.

Hospital IQ has experienced tremendous growth over the last couple years, which is the result of the great partnerships that we’ve had with Allscripts and Accenture, and the outcomes we’ve been able to jointly achieve with our customers. Our partnership with Cerner further validates the importance of real-time and predictive analytics, as they feel that it is a critical component to helping their customers gain improved operational insight and overall performance.