In the first webinar in our COVID-19 recovery series, hospital leaders and executives shared that although their hospitals and home states were affected differently by the pandemic, they had a common set of concerns when it came to reopening the OR and rescheduling elective cases that had been cancelled due to COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

From a financial perspective, revenue has taken a severe hit while expenses have remained high. Operationally, staff has been furloughed, reassigned, or severely strained by long hours, processes and best practices have been suspended or rewritten on the fly, and inventory stocks and the supply chain have been decimated. And with environmental uncertainty around the best way forward, many hospital leaders are left searching for a plan to re-open their operating rooms.

For our second webinar we examined how Hospital IQ’s platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help these leaders address the key questions around capacity, supplies, and throughput they’ll need to answer to determine whether they can support a partial, full, or extended level of reopening and for how long.

The biggest key for health systems in reopening and ramping up activities, across the enterprise, will be visibility, transparency, and trust. Whether through our Perioperative, Inpatient, or Staffing solutions, our platform creates that single source of truth organizations need in order to know what has happened, is happening now and what is going to happen in the future so they can plan accordingly.


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The number of procedures being performed right now has dropped precipitously, with some hospitals at only 20-30% of their pre-COVID volume. Our Perioperative solution will help hospitals uncover hidden OR capacity, increase access to the OR schedule, make structural block allocation changes, improve optimization, and predict schedule, staff, and inpatient bed capacity. Hospitals can use these metrics to determine how aggressively they can ramp up procedures and discover their recovery timeframe. And this OR optimization is sustainable after the recovery period, improving utilization and revenue in the long term.


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Beyond the OR, hospitals will also be reopening broad access to the ED, which will create an influx of inpatient demand and strain capacity. Hospital leaders will need to understand the capacity impact of maintaining dedicated COVID units, potential boarding issues within intake areas, and how to segment discharge planning activities across COVID vs. non-COVID populations.

Our Inpatient solution works seamlessly across both populations, so unit leaders and care teams have continuous, real-time visibility into the testing status of COVID patients and discharge priority of non-COVID patients. As COVID patients have a longer length of stay than average, streamlining the discharge process for the remaining population will be critical for maintaining available beds and flex capacity.


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Due to temporary reassignments, furloughs, unit variations, budgets, burnout, and other staffing-related issues, nursing leaders need to be more flexible than ever while being presented with more information than ever. Time-consuming, manual processes around creating schedules, calling in extra support at the last minute, or sending excess staff home right before or during a shift simply won’t be tenable during the recovery period due to the increase in capacity.

Our Staffing solution not only predicts future census so nursing leaders can confidently and proactively schedule to demand, it automates communication between the central staffing office, unit leadership, and staff. If late staffing adjustments are needed, they can be achieved quickly, convenient, and without disruption.


Hospital IQ’s operations management platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop prescriptive actions, workflow management, and streamlined communications that enable health systems to achieve and sustain peak operational performance. Our holistic approach to managing Perioperative, Inpatient, and Staffing in unison provides incredible value to health systems in normal times, but is especially critical now to work through this COVID-19 recovery period. And once through this trying time, the improvements in optimization, utilization, and throughput will continue to deliver returns well into the future.

You can view the full webinar “Using Intelligent Automation to Plan COVID-19 Recovery Across Your Enterprise” here.



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