The perioperative suite is the most expensive and most profitable part of any hospital. It’s an area that delivers huge returns when active but incurs massive overhead costs when idle. It’s critical to have predictability tied to your biggest line item, which is why most operating rooms are pre-scheduled with block allocation. This isn’t like a restaurant that needs a good Saturday night to keep things going.

However, hospitals often find that while 90% of prime-time hours are assigned, utilization of that time is less than 60%. Why isn’t it better? And why keep blocks allocated if they aren’t being used consistently?

There are several reasons, each of which presents its own unique challenges. Assuming a hospital realizes it has room for improvement with its current utilization levels, those improvements could be blocked by a lack of actionable data, organizational inertia that works against significant structural change, or simply a lack of time or desire to take on new initiatives. It’s also very possible that a hospital doesn’t see its current utilization levels as a problem in the first place.

eBook: Ultimate Guide for Improving OR Utilization with Predictive Analytics

But the risks of continuing with inefficient scheduling processes and subpar optimization are clear. This is where Hospital IQ’s Perioperative solution comes into play. Our AI-driven platform mines a health system’s historical and real-time data and combines it with system-specific policies, optimization algorithms, and intelligent automation to deliver actionable recommendations that increase OR utilization and improve performance almost immediately.

More importantly, at the risk of minimizing impact, the beauty of our Perioperative solution is how simple it is for the end users. Surgeons can request and release OR time on any device. The scheduling office can approve requests and reassign blocks at the click of a button. Comprehensive, drillable, and granular metrics that show success and opportunities for improvement are delivered directly to Perioperative leaders.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it can be, with the right technology and guidance. That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Improving OR Utilization with Predictive Analytics. A deep study of the problems and inefficiencies that affect perioperative suites throughout the country and how our unique and powerful software can solve these issues, the guide shows the way forward for perioperative leaders ready to improve OR utilization, and how critical optimized performance is for staff satisfaction, patient care, and a hospital’s own financial health. Download The Ultimate Guide today to put your health system on the path to increased case volume, contribution margin, and prime-time performance.