The Hospital IQ team attended the OR Leadership Summit hosted by Healthcare Purchasing News in St. Augustine, FL on January 22-24. The summit was seamlessly pulled together and was attended by numerous influential leaders whose passion to improve their ORs was palpable throughout the 48 hours we spent together. We openly discussed successes, failures, daily struggles, strategies, and near-term objectives with a general purpose of educating everyone in attendance. After reflecting on the industry insights that were highlighted at the summit, here are my the three key takeaways:

  1. There is a desire to grow as a system. The OR Leadership Summit was attended by both large and small facilities. Many leaders are currently part of a health system while a few were still freestanding in their communities. Nearly everyone showed an appetite to standardize operations across their health system, their affiliates, and partners in the community. They saw the ability to learn and grow at a much faster rate if they could work closer with their peers.
  2. Standardizing performance is still a struggle for many leaders. OR leaders from across the country are still struggling with general performance measurement of key metrics such as block utilization, on-time starts, and turnover time. Regardless of EHR, the existing systems have failed them. IT is overburdened with requests for data. Some have analysts working hard to gather data, leaving no time to analyze it. Others, without analysts, struggle with IT requests that seldom get fulfilled and are doing their best to piece together a picture of their OR operations.
  3. There is a hunger for new technology. Many of the leaders were quick to tell me that they’re not technologists but were very intrigued by what AI and advanced analytics could do for them and their facility. I had the opportunity to share several key concepts on how AI can impact OR scheduling and daily operations. Many attendees had a chance to connect with our friends from University Hospitals about their experience adopting advanced analytics. The message was clear: They, as leaders, are ready for new technology and their facilities are in need of help.

This energy showed me that we’re at the beginning of a breakthrough in OR operations. It was already apparent that leaders are running their ORs in a transformative way.They showed me that, regardless of size or scope, OR leaders are progressive thinkers that are ready to make waves. Kudos to all of the leaders in attendance for their big picture thinking and a drive for greatness.

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