Hospital IQ’s Perioperative Management System: Integrate, Standardize, and Streamline Workflows

While some surgical schedulers submit case booking requests in the EHR directly, many do not have access to do so – most notably when the surgeon is not employed by the hospital. For those without access to the internal perioperative scheduling system, a patchwork of various manual methods such as fax, phone, and email are used  to communicate requests to OR schedulers. These methods are typically not integrated into daily workflows, requiring a separate way to manage these requests for both surgical schedulers and OR schedulers.  

With no standard process in place for case submission, surgical offices working within the same hospital may each submit their booking requests differently. All of this results in a time-consuming and error-prone case submission process – frustrating surgeons and staff, impacting OR utilization, and increasing patients’ wait time for surgery. 

Managing Perioperative Scheduling Across the Health System

The Hospital IQ Perioperative Solution provides surgeons and their schedulers with real-time visibility into available OR time, and allows them to request time within this open marketplace that aligns with their schedule and preferences, to accommodate their true case volume and improve utilization.

Search tools allow surgeons and surgical schedulers to easily find and request time, and automated notifications promote available time directly to surgeons. OR schedulers centrally manage these requests and redistribute available time, with recommendations that reflect the priorities of the organization. Automated workflows and streamlined communication tools improve engagement and save time.

A Smart Perioperative Case Booking Platform

Case booking is an extension of current workflows for both surgical schedulers and OR schedulers. While requesting OR time within Hospital IQ, surgical schedulers can also electronically submit their case booking details, ensuring prompt submission of the information needed to get the case scheduled. 

OR schedulers gain a consolidated view of all case booking details, and can review these along with the requests for time, facilitating their decisions around the demand for limited OR time. Standardizing how case booking requests are sent and received ensures that all information required by the hospital is provided by each surgical office, eliminating the back-and-forth usually needed to collect all information needed to schedule the case. 

Centralized, integrated communication tools also allow the OR scheduler and surgical offices to ask questions and provide updates within the context of the request. When the case is scheduled, the surgeon and the scheduler automatically receive that confirmation – closing the loop and eliminating the need for manual follow-up. And as the procedure date draws near, surgeons and their schedulers have access to their confirmed schedule, case order, and any updates or cancellations no matter where the case booking request originated. 

Case Booking with Hospital IQ’s Perioperative Solution

Hospital IQ’s streamlined workflow enables faster decision-making and saves time, ultimately getting cases scheduled more quickly and improving patient care, with the following distinct benefits: 

  • Integrates standard case booking process into existing workflows, reducing errors and saving time  
  • Facilitates prioritization of requests for the same OR time based on case details
  • Streamlines communication with robust messaging tools for OR schedulers and the surgical office to discuss case details 
  • Confirms case bookings in real-time with all surgeons gaining access to their complete bookings  

Case booking is now available within Hospital IQ. Learn more about Hospital IQ’s Perioperative Solution and understand how we are helping over 100 leading hospitals and health systems create a more effective, adaptive, and strategic institution that reduces costs, streamlines coordination, and delivers better patient care.


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