Every day nurses around the globe deliver dedicated and compassionate care to those in their communities. Here at Hospital IQ, we are honored to work with so many wonderful nurses at our client sites. As National Nurses Week comes to an end, we want to take a moment and spotlight some of the amazing nurses we work with.

Shawna Gunn, RN, BSN Manager of Patient Flow, MercyOne Des Moines

Shawna Gunn began her healthcare career at the age of 16 as a CNA at Greene County Medical Center. She admired the nursing staff that she watched provide continuous support for patients at their most vulnerable times. This experience led her to becoming a nurse – she wanted to help with the important work of caring for people when they needed it the most.

Shawna has been a nurse at MercyOne Des Moines for the entirety of her 12 year career. During her first three years she chose to work at one of MercyOne’s critical access hospitals in order to gain a rural nursing perspective. Since then she has also worked as a Resource Pool RN on the Cardiac/Telemetry floor, and has held leadership positions on the Cardiac/Telemetry floor and also with the Resource Pool.

Collaborating with many nursing leaders at MercyOne, Shawna helped develop a centralized staffing office that navigated the deployment of Resource Pool staff in real time in order to ensure that nursing resources were sent to the areas of greatest need. Shawna has a passion for continuous improvement and does not let a “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality get in the way of making a difference. She is a champion of positive change and recently partnered with Hospital IQ to develop workflows using forecasted work volumes to further the ability to proactively place nursing resources in the best possible position to provide the highest quality of care while improving the staff’s overall experience.

Shawna has worked as the manager of patient flow at the MercyOne Connect Transfer center and Patient Flow department since November 2018. This role allows Shawna to continue her passion of ensuring that resources are targeted to the areas of greatest need. Her strategic patient placement coordination and focused throughput work helps ensure that MercyOne can accomplish its ultimate goal of patients receiving the right level of care at the right time.

Susan Grimwood MSN, APRN-C Director, Clinical Logistics, Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System

Susan Grimwood jokes that part of the reason she went into nursing was because she wanted to be Dana Delaney from the TV show China Beach. Although that really is part of it, the biggest and more serious reasons are that she wanted to connect with people, take care of them, help them recover, and be their voice and advocate during the most vulnerable times of their lives.

Susan is an APRN with five years Dermatology/Plastic Surgery experience, four years of Neurology experience, and six years of Medical Surgical/Cardiac experience. She has spent the last five years in director level of leadership in Patient Flow and Clinical Logistics.

Susan’s leadership and innovation in building the Logistics Operations and the team of facilitators needed to place, monitor, and manage the flow of patients through the care continuum is unique in the industry. She has continued to yield substantial improvements in patient throughput while retaining the highest quality of care. Susan is also the key innovator in the management of productivity throughout the organization. She created a unique process of real-time productivity management with a level of accountability that is rarely seen in healthcare organizations. By staying current with productivity metrics and helping unit leaders make course corrections immediately, Susan’s process saved the organization millions of dollars and created a culture of accountability while keeping nurse turnover below the industry average.

Where many people were skeptical about predictive technology’s role in healthcare, Susan embraced Hospital IQ’s Census Forecast technology and used it to make strategic decisions about allocating float staff, dispatching ADT nurses, and opening/closing surge capacity. Coining the predictive technology “VOODOO”, Susan used the mobile census dashboard as a strategic advisor for making decisions. Thanks to Susan’s leadership, everyone at Sarasota Memorial Healthcare now has VOODOO on their mobile device.

Meghan Reilly MSN, BSN RN, MBA candidate Clinical Informaticist at Mount Sinai South Nassau

Meghan Reilly is a clinical informaticist at Mount Sinai South Nassau. She earned a B.A. in Science/Nursing, an M.A. in Nursing Administration/Nursing Informatics, and is in the process of earning an M.B.A.. Meghan became a nurse to enhance the delivery of patient care across the complex continuum. Over the last eight years she has gone from not only caring for the patients but for the data analysis, workflows, and structured processes that drive the delivery of care as well. The desire to use data analytics to identify and address inefficiencies led Meghan to embrace Hospital IQ’s Perioperative Performance Measurement (PPM) technology and capitalize on its capabilities. She uses it to drive standardization and transparency across Surgical Services on an ongoing basis. When elective surgeries were canceled at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Meghan identified the need to begin planning how to re-open and reschedule those surgeries. She used PPM to identify COVID-19 related cancellations and surgical booking information by service and surgeon to make recommendations on case prioritization and processes for re-opening.

With the help of the technology, Meghan has been able to use her skill set to help interdisciplinary teams achieve their departmental goals of providing the gold standard of care. Meghan notes that she looks forward to the many ways in which nurses will creatively and compassionately innovate the future of patient care.

Tracey Carrigan, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR, Director of Surgical Services, Hendrick Health System

Tracey has been the Director of Surgical Services at Hendrick Medical Center since 2015. In this role she manages the activities of 140 employees and is responsible for reporting statistical information to the OR Governance group. Tracey has used the reporting and predictive insights from the Hospital IQ platform to make key structural and operational improvements in the perioperative department, including restructuring all perioperative nurse shifts and justifying the purchase of a second surgical robot.

Other notable roles that Tracey has held in her career are the Director of Surgical Services at Texas Health Resources HEB (2012-2015), Administrative Director at Texas Midwest Surgery Center (2000-2009), and operating room nurse at Hendrick Medical Center (1980-1989). She holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Chamberlain University, is a Certified Nurse in the Operating Room (CNOR), and is Nurse Executive Advanced-Board Certified (NEA-BC).

Thank You Nurses

We’d also like to say a special thank you to Amy Boone MBA, BSN, RN, System Director of Perioperative Services at University Hospitals, Debbie Forry, Patient Flow Administrator of Health First, and Carla Silvano, BSN, RN, MPH, Director Perioperative Utilization and Support Services at Hospital for Special Surgery. These are just a few of the many amazing and accomplished nurses we are truly honored to work with every day. Join us in saluting these and all nurses on the forefront of this crisis while they also help to transform healthcare for good.



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