With the fall comes cooler temperatures, colorful leaves … and conference season. This past month was bustling with important industry events. Through OR Manager, Patient Flow Summit, HCEG Forum, and more, healthcare professionals met to fuel discussions about advanced technology and industry solutions that will inspire hospitals and healthcare organizations to end the year on a high note.

Conferences provide inspiration for healthcare improvements. Here are the top-of-mind trends the industry is focused on after last month’s events:

Value-Based Care
The transition into value-based care has been a long time coming, yet it is still one of the greatest challenges facing the industry. Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, payment models have been shifting from volume to value but the migration has been slow. To speed up the process, the most critical shift will need to be in mindset. Instead of worrying about the number of available beds, healthcare providers need to focus on how to best care for a population. Only then will value-based care truly begin to take hold.
Source: xTelligent Healthcare Media

Consumerism/Price Transparency
Healthcare leaders are developing strategies to address rising healthcare costs through greater cost transparency and more patient-focused initiatives. While these aren’t new ideas, they’ve never been as important as they are now. As premiums, copays and deductibles continue to increase, it’s imperative for hospitals to focus their energies on ways to keep costs down or else they could face consequences themselves. Leveraging data analytics is a great place to start when it comes to tackling this issue and will continue to be a big play in bettering healthcare.
Source: xTelligent Healthcare Media

Predictive Analytics
The incorporation of predictive analytics into healthcare isn’t a new concept, but the potential this technology has to truly transform the industry is astounding. By using artificial intelligence to disrupt traditional hospital operations, technology can provide a range of benefits like predicting surges or preventing illnesses. Yes, predictive analytics will bring disruption to healthcare, but with the right planning and consideration by leadership, the disruption itself can be incredibly positive.
Source: Managed Healthcare Executive

We at Hospital IQ believe the future of healthcare is looking bright. With developing technologies and a more evolved patient-focused attitude, the industry is headed in the direction of providing the best healthcare yet.

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