As we get closer to the midyear mark of 2019, it’s important to take note of how your healthcare organization is performing. Is your hospital operating at its potential? Have you met your Q2 goals? If not, what actions are you taking to reach them in the next quarter? Asking these sorts of tough questions will help you understand what your organization has accomplished — and what still needs to be done.

If you’ve not quite reached your goals yet, worry not. There are a number of ways in which implementing data analytics can help. Here is a roundup of May’s data-driven industry news to give you the inspiration your organization needs to start the second half of the year strong:

Boost Efficiency in The OR
Data analytics have the ability to drive efficiency in the OR, from relaying productivity to implementing decision report. But without a positive response from staff, that data will fall flat. Rallying your whole team behind what data analytics can do for them and how they’re perceived is vital to truly maximize organizational benefit.
Source: Becker’s Hospital Review

Speaking of efficiency in the OR, Hospital IQ made the news this month for delivering an effective solution to University Hospitals Ahuja, transforming its OR scheduling and utilization.
Source: Healthcare IT News

Use Data to Drive Value
Predictive analytics and AI have just started to scratch the surface of the healthcare industry and they’re already making great strides. Today, predictive analytics has found a home in both the emergency department and operating room and are being used to measure, track and predict outcomes. Its use will continue to grow as it shows results in helping to keep both patients and healthcare systems healthy, experts predict.
Source: Health Tech Magazine

Ground Skyrocketing Costs
It’s no secret that healthcare has become increasingly more expensive over the years. Healthcare data management helps treat patients holistically, provides personalized treatment and — most importantly — can lower those skyrocketing costs. All that’s needed is a practical application of analytics within a hospital’s framework to ensure operations are seamless.
Source: CIOReview

We at Hospital IQ are passionate about helping hospitals and health systems better serve patients, lower costs and boost the bottom line through the application of better operational efficiency driven by technology. Healthcare has come so far in recent years and it seems our industry is only moving faster as it makes more impressive strides with implementation of new technologies.

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