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New technology and shifting hospital priorities continue to rapidly alter the landscape of the healthcare industry. Looking back at the top news and trends that surfaced in March, the industry continues to search for ways in which technology can resolve hospital efficiency issues and improve patient care across the board.

The hospital model needs help
It’s no secret that the way hospitals are currently running leaves room for improvement, and one of the biggest signs of inefficiency is large amounts of wasted money. According to Forbes, U.S. hospitals leave $441 billion in potential cost savings on the table each year due to inefficient care delivery and unnecessary services. Hospitals must be able to understand what is happening inside their walls to make adjustments that will, in turn, improve both patient care and the hospital’s bottom line. To achieve this, it’s no surprise that hospital leadership is turning to technology to make an impact.
Source: Forbes

Technology remains in the spotlight
During this year’s HIMSS conference, Mayo Clinic Chief Information Officer, Christopher Ross, discussed Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of today’s most prominent topics in healthcare. But Ross acknowledged some are concerned AI won’t live up to the hype when put to the test in real-life hospital settings. Predictive analytics and ‘Hospital-as-a-service’ cloud solutions are also on healthcare leader’s radar, and the benefits are clear – now, it’s simply a matter of implementation.
Source: Healthcare IT News

Healthcare providers are focusing on safety and security
Hospital leaders and vendors are focusing on different priorities. According to Health IT Analytics, hospitals “are much more focused on the basics of ensuring patient safety, improving operational efficiencies, and keeping their sensitive health data secure, while vendors are pushing the benefits of big data analytics and health IT integration. While both are important areas, vendors must work with healthcare leaders to understand how analytics and IT can impact other goals and positively affect their organizations as a whole.
Source: Health IT Analytics

Hospital leaders recognize that the solution is multi-faceted
A panel of healthcare leaders at HIMSS 2018 discussed the challenges surrounding digital transformation, starting off by identifying that true transformation needs to come from the top down. According to these leaders, collaboration with smart partners and getting leadership on board with technological advancements in the hospital is the most important part of making meaningful change in the healthcare system.
Source: MedCity News

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