Industry News: July 2017 Recap

Staying current with the innovative, always-changing healthcare industry is no easy task. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, we’ve compiled some recent articles that highlight the key issues and trends discussed during the past month regarding hospitals, health systems, and hospital operations and management.

  • Hospitals & Health Networks and the American Hospital Association recently released data from their annual “Health Care’s Most Wired” survey. The results showed that now more than ever, hospitals are using data and analytics to foster a culture of self-improvement. Source: Hospitals & Health Networks
  • Another study from the Ottowa Hospital caught industry attention, showing delayed emergency surgeries increased the risk of death and cost hospitals more money ($1,409 per patient that stayed in the hospital 1.1 days longer). Source: CTV News Winnipeg.
  • Industry consolidation continues to increase, according to data from HealthcareMandA. Acquisition activity in the hospital market increased slightly in the second quarter of 2017, with 23 acquisitions in the Q2, up 15% from the 20 publicly announced acquisitions in the first quarter of 2017. Source: Benzinga
  • The Society of Actuaries revealed the results of its 2017 Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Trend Forecast. This report found more than half of health payer and healthcare provider executives believe predictive analytics will save their organizations 15 percent or more of their total budget over the next five years. Source: Healthcare Informatics

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