In February, stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem gathered at the HIMSS Conference to discuss healthcare challenges, solutions, and ways to bring innovation to the industry, laying the groundwork for a better future in healthcare technologies and practices. One of the key shifts is the renewed emphasis on the patient and ensuring the healthcare environment is one that fosters transparency, cost effectiveness and outstanding care and satisfaction.

Here’s a roundup of some of the key HIMSS Conference takeaways:

HIMSS Spotlights Top Technologies Poised to Disrupt Healthcare
HIMSS serves as a barometer to measure the progress information technology among participants in the healthcare industry. The editors of Health Data Management identified trends that were gaining the most attention from the approximately 45,000 attendees at this year’s HIMSS event, including using data analytics to make better decisions, AI, interoperability, and using IT to support patient engagement.
Source: Health Data Management

“Champions of Health Unite” to Drive Patient Satisfaction
Forbes contributor Joe Harpaz also shared his perspective on critical HIMSS takeaways. As Harpaz points out, trends like AI, machine learning and population health have dominated the headlines, keynotes and breakout sessions at HIMSS. But in 2019, the HIMSS theme, “champions of health unite,” calls not for a greater focus on technology and our health as a nation, but for an increasing emphasis on what matters most in healthcare: the patient. Improved hospital operations management allows providers to strip unnecessary costs out of healthcare and keep the focus on where it belongs: providing outstanding patient care.
Source: Forbes

Patient-Centric Consumerism is Coming
Patients are fed up with making appointments, long waits, and paperwork. Retail giants are picking up on this and are starting to insert themselves into the healthcare space with telemedicine, giving their consumers access to personalized and patient-centric care that is convenient and cost transparent. This will cause traditional healthcare to shift toward a value-based care model, which could include new digital health tools and 24/7 patient access. Consumers have driven retail initiatives for a while, but now they’re pushing for a change in healthcare.
Source: Inside Digital Health

As always, HIMSS continues to serve as a key venue for stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to gather to tackle some of our industry’s thorniest challenges and help progress our greatest opportunities. The conversations that came out of this year’s event were no different, giving us insight into the advancements our industry will be making in 2019. Did you attend HIMSS? Find an interesting article? Have a compelling perspective or insight? Share it with us in the comments section.