Healthcare is an industry that historically faces many complications. Juggling quality patient care with affordable costs and transparent billing is a challenging act, albeit not impossible. The emergence of new technologies has and will continue to influence the way in which hospitals conduct business, streamlining operations to improve care.

Over the course of 2019, we watched the media share insights regarding how these technologies — like AI and machine learning — are poised to expedite change in an industry where change is lethargically slow. This past year especially showed the pace of change is only accelerating.

Here are some pieces of recent industry news that speak to welcoming change, something we recommend every hospital consider at any time of year — especially as we kick-off 2020.

Increase Your AI Spending
A recent survey of more than 900 healthcare professionals showed that hospitals and healthcare organizations have already invested in and are using AI to improve different aspects of care like data analysis, diagnosis and treatment, and staff workflows. And many are seeing improvements as a result. These reported improvements are spurring other providers to increase spending in advanced technologies with 79% of survey respondents planning to increase their budget on AI applications in 2020.
Source: HIT Infrastructure

Adopt IoT in Healthcare
IoT — the Internet of Things — leverages technology to impart everyday objects with the ability to communicate directly over the internet. In healthcare, IoT directly benefits MedTech systems and medical devices so providers can connect their products to healthcare IoT networks. But IoT can go beyond device advancement and can greatly enhance the environment of care. Being able to improve communications infrastructure and building monitoring/management will greatly improve patient care.
Source: Dev Pro Journal

Use AI Ethically
Part of successfully welcoming AI in hospitals and healthcare organizations is having frank and open discussions about transparency and use of patient data in relation to AI. It’s true that AI will continue to help the industry make great strides in improving patient care, but not without a solid infrastructure. Once hospitals develop a safe and ethical system to protect sensitive data, they can go full steam ahead and reap the full benefits AI has to offer.
Source: Telegraph UK

We at Hospital IQ excitedly anticipate the momentous changes that AI will bring to healthcare in 2020, and are proud of the successes our customers are currently seeing with our own AI platform.

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