Industry News: August 2018 Recap

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With value-based care continuing to shine at the forefront of hospital trending topics, how are providers working to achieve that goal? As we wrap up summer, we’re taking a look back at the latest news in hospital and health systems to see what could be coming next this fall.

Not staying tech savvy can cost you.
It’s not a surprise that healthcare has typically lagged in the adoption of new technology, but it might be having a larger impact on the bottom line than you think. According to data from the Ponemon Institute and Imprivata, hospitals in the U.S. lose $8.3 billion dollars a year due to outdated communication methods and software. While it may seem like new tech such as an analytics platform is a hefty investment, studies show it’s certainly worthwhile in the long run.
Source: Healthcare Analytics News

Social media gets endorsed as a surge management strategy.
Checking Twitter to know when a hospital surge may be on the way? Not as ridiculous as it might sound at first. Social media is known for its real-time streaming of information, and that direct stream of information can be useful for hospitals who deal with real-time situations on a daily basis.

After the tragic 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, University Medical Center Southern Nevada went to Twitter to see how extensive the situation was and how many patients could anticipate coming their way for emergency care. But social media can also be useful for identifying other things that could have an impact on a hospital’s ability to staff appropriately. “For example, any issue impacting mass transit can have cascading effects throughout a hospital. Such transportation delays can affect staff’s ability to get to work or cause a mass casualty incident if not resolved quickly,” said to Campus Safety Magazine. Will social media be adopted further as another box to check when anticipating a surge? Only time will tell.
Source: Campus Safety Magazine

Analytics and value-based care continue to tag team success.
Value-based care, or the practice of improving healthcare operations to be more patient-centric, has been a familiar trend over the last year, but the difficulty has come in finding ways to bring that concept to fruition. Analytics, as it turns out, has been the missing piece to that puzzle.

To truly understand the way a hospital operates, it takes not only having access to the data, but understanding what it means and having the means to interpret and organize it. Healthcare analytics platforms are achieving just that, through robust platforms that allow a holistic view of a hospital or health system, allowing execs to pinpoint trouble areas and make strategic and tacitcal adjustments.

We’ve been following the adoption of analytics platforms in hospitals and have been writing about the obstacles to its adoption, but with more data showing how they can pave the way towards value-based care, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of it.
Source: InformationWeek</em>

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