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They say “April showers bring May flowers,” and 2019 has brought its fair share of it to Hospital IQ’s Boston headquarters. But that hasn’t slowed down our level of industry participation. In April, we attended two events and hosted two webinars, all of which have prompted great discussions surrounding improving the healthcare industry. Here’s a summary of some of April’s most newsworthy conversations:

Becker’s Health Review’s 10th Annual Meeting: Consolidation Station
In healthcare, consolidation can be a necessary means of cutting costs and improving care, but it hasn’t always been efficient. During Becker’s Annual Meeting, three panelists discussed the past, present, and future of consolidation and how it’s evolved over time. Our takeaway? With abundant growth in health system mergers and acquisitions, streamlining operations can be incredibly difficult. Utilizing the power of data and analytics will help you make smart decisions as hospitals evolve and grow.
Source: Becker’s Hospital Review

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Wait: The Impact of Beds
There are a number of things that directly affect how hospitals handle patient influx: length of stay, bed availability, and ER wait-time, to name a few. Trying to change one factor can cause a spillover effect into another, so it’s important for hospitals to take a network view to find a common denominator in creating a solution. Columbia Business School Professor Jing Dong has developed data-driven models that help hospitals improve operations – all by focusing on the number of beds.
Source: Yahoo! Finance

April Webinars: Providing Knowledgeable Solutions
Hospital IQ’s mission is to give hospitals and health systems the visibility and actionable insights needed to make informed, data-driven operational decisions that improve patient access, clinical outcomes and financial performance. In April, we hosted two webinars with the goal of just that. The first focused on using predictive analytics to align capacity to demand while the second was all about increasing surgeon engagement and OR efficiency. Learn more by downloading the recordings today!
Source: Hospital IQ

We at Hospital IQ are passionate about helping hospitals and health systems make the changes they need to improve both day-to-day operations and patient care. The industry has already made incredible progress, and we’re excited to see how new developments will contribute to healthcare’s continued success in the months ahead.

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