Hendrick Health System is a private health system in Abilene Texas, serving a 23 county region. They are a level III trauma center with 564 beds and 16 multi-specialty operating rooms, performing 10,000+ surgeries annually.

Hendrick partnered with Hospital IQ in early 2018 to address some operational issues they were facing in their perioperative service. To get a better understanding of Hendrick’s challenges and the results they saw after implementing Hospital IQ, we recently sat down with Tracey Carrigan, Director of Surgical Services at Hendrick.

You can watch the on-demand video here, but we’ll recap the highlights.

Hospital Leadership Needs Data They Can Trust
In early 2018, Hendrick found themselves converting from one EMR to another for surgical services, and in the process, lost some capability to measure their key performance indicators. They had a wealth of data within their own records but with so many different data sources, Hendrick had a hard time quantifying the data.

None of their existing systems could provide reliable real-time and predictive information needed for identifying operational problems or generating actionable intelligence for improving performance. Within the perioperative department, there was considerable skepticism about the reliability of the reports collated from various data sources, and this lack of trust made planning and implementing improvements difficult, if not impossible.

Hendrick implemented Hospital IQ’s AI-enabled operations management platform to improve their governance. Carrigan notes, “It has renewed a sense of trust and transparency within our governing body and our executive leadership.”

Trustworthy Data Leads to Actionable Decisions

Now, Carrigan can email information to leadership from Hospital IQ, propose changes and gain alignment on operational changes such as surgeon block allocation. In a setting where “time is so valuable to all of our surgeons as well as to the leadership of the organization,” hospital leaders are able to make operational decisions quickly, going from being a reactive organization to a proactive one.

Through Hospital IQ’s actionable recommendations, Hendrick was able to:

  • Increase primetime volume by 1,300 cases in 1st 8 months
  • Increase block utilization by 15% in 1st 8 months
  • Transform shift structure to staff to demand
  • Justify purchase of 2nd surgical robot

For further information on Hendrick Health System’s transformation using Hospital IQ, check out their case study and video.



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