One question that frequently comes up in my meetings with hospital executives and health system leaders is “Doesn’t my EHR do this?” It’s an understandable question, right? Hospitals have invested massive amounts of money and time into their electronic health records (EHR) system, with the expectation that these systems will deliver data and robust reporting. The great news is that they do create a lot of data. Lots of relevant and important data. But the real question is, what are hospitals doing with this data and are they able to use it to direct future actions and decisions?

Hospital IQ applies AI analysis to EHR data

And that is where the power of predictive workflows leveraging this massive amount of real-time data comes into play. Hospital IQ’s AI-enabled operations management platform enhances the EHR, as well as other clinical and operation systems, by using predictive recommendations, workflow automation, and streamlined communication to orchestrate action across care team and frontline managers, enabling health systems to achieve and sustain peak operational performance.

Most critically, Hospital IQ does not add to the current workload of your teams, but rather, provides predictive insights that create action and improve transparency in advance. The platform is not reliant on a specific EHR system and no additional data input is required.

Use your EHR data to improve patient care with smart predictions

Whether it’s analyzing OR utilization to recommend block releases, prioritizing patient discharges to speed up the discharge process, or sending alerts to nurse leaders days in advance of when and where their nurses are needed most, Hospital IQ drives quantifiable improvements that are just not achievable by your EHR alone. So no, your EHR doesn’t do what we do. But by leveraging the data of your EHR, Hospital IQ creates value for your organization to drive actions across the enterprise, improving performances in a sustainable way and resulting in improved patient care and satisfaction.