2020: Embracing Innovation to Improve Hospital Operations

Healthcare is an industry in transition, a seismic shift driven by an aging population, rising cost and more of the burden being shared with the consumer. Historically, change in healthcare has been achingly slow. This past year, however, we saw signs that the pace of change is accelerating. The Hospital IQ team had the opportunity to work with many hospitals [...]

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Will the Healthcare Cost Curve Bend to Payment Models or Technology?

Decade after decade, in political races, news stories, and now social media, we hear about the crisis of rising costs in higher education and healthcare. Inflation in prices for healthcare has long outstripped general inflation, and healthcare is now 18 percent of GDP. As people see one category of expenditures seemingly taking over their personal budgets, it’s natural to think [...]

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What AI Should Mean to Healthcare Leaders

Nearly every morning, we wake up to another article stating that healthcare leaders are drowning in data but starved for information. Every major healthcare conference in the past two years has been dominated by the promise of digital strategies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In my conversations with healthcare leaders ranging from front line supervisors, operating room administrators, nursing leaders, [...]

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Unleash the Value of Your Historical Healthcare IT Investments

Billions of dollars have been spent over the past 20 years on clinical software solutions that address discrete functional areas within the hospital (OR, ED, Inpatient, etc).  These solutions are continually optimized to address functional processes and have made providers more efficient in these specific areas and all while enhancing patient care. What these solutions haven’t yet done is exploit [...]

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Hospital IT Underinvestment: The Roadblock to Modernization

Early in my career I was fortunate to develop and market software that was used by the largest banks and Fortune 100 companies -  some of the most demanding and sophisticated IT consumers in the world.  As a vendor to these organizations, I delivered high-performance software designed to solve complex customer problems using practical, scalable solutions that leveraged new infrastructure [...]

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