Healthcare in 2022 – A Look Ahead

Real-Time Data Will be Key to Patient Access and Increasing Volumes  If 2020 was the year of the shock of the global COVID pandemic on health systems and hospitals, 2021 was the year of healthcare delivery organizations’ response to the shock. As organizations sought to rebound financially, they faced the challenges of controlling costs while trying to return to pre-2020 [...]

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Flip Rooms Are Nothing to Flip Out About

Assessment Analysis for a Well-Constructed OR Flip Room Plan Awarding surgeons a flip room is a common practice and often a driving force in recruiting and retaining in-demand surgeons and service lines. From a surgeon’s perspective, flip rooms greatly improve their efficiency and time management. Conversely, from the hospital’s perspective, they generally lower overall utilization and consume twice the resources [...]

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2021: A Year in Review

At the beginning of 2021, a lot of people were eager to close the book on 2020 and return to normalcy and predictability. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in many regards. But I saw people continuing to adjust, adapt, and evolve to the challenges thrown our way, and a few noticeable trends emerged over the course of the year.   [...]

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Don’t Leave Valuable Staffing Resources Underutilized In a Crisis

Health systems across the country are still experiencing significant effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing patient surges coupled with staff burnout and turnover are adding to the long-existing healthcare staffing crisis. Just like during the height of the pandemic, every available staffing resource is incredibly valuable. Yet we’ve found that many health systems are inadvertently underutilizing some of their own [...]

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The Cost of Caring: A Nurse’s Perspective

The long-discussed nursing shortage has been accelerated. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for 1.1 million new RNs for expansion and replacement of retirees by 2022. Compound that with more nurses than ever before leaving the profession for other industries, a shortage of nursing educators to teach and inspire the next generation of nurses, along with limited [...]

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5 Reasons to Embrace AI-Enabled Hospital Operations Management in Your Magnet Recognition Program Journey

As the 2021 ANCC National Magnet Conference approaches, I’ve been thinking about how technology can support successful nursing practices and contribute to job satisfaction for nurses. This is not much of a surprise given my background as an RN and my current role as Director of Clinical Solutions at Hospital IQ. Knowing that more than 9,000 nurses and nursing executives [...]

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The Real-Time Health System: Unlocking Sustainable Improvement with the Best Technology

There’s a new term that’s come into vogue lately, and I think it’s really exciting: the “real-time health system.” This definition, coming from Gartner Inc., sheds some light: “The real-time health system (RTHS) is an operational, management and technology paradigm for the next-generation healthcare delivery organization (HDO) — one that acquires and acts on real-time operational intelligence to achieve its business objectives. The RTHS transforms the HDO from a disjointed and reactive enterprise to one that is more efficient, collaborative and predictive.”

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What is Intelligent Automation for Healthcare?

Hospital IQ · Intelligent Automation As a company, Hospital IQ first started thinking about how we could utilize predictive analytics to help hospitals improve their operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence is the current technology trend many vendors and customers are considering as a strategy to get advance notice to improve decision making. But to operationalize and actually create sustained improvements from [...]

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The Surgeons View of COVID-19 Recovery

NOTE: This blog is an edited version of a podcast with Dr. Bill Chapman. Listen to the full episode here:  Hospital IQ · A Surgeon's View of COVID-19 Recovery I’ve been a surgeon for the last 25 years, with nearly 21 of those years spent in an academic setting as the Chief of Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery. For the last 4-5 years, I’ve been in private practice with [...]

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The Executive View of COVID-19 Recovery

NOTE: This blog is an edited version of a podcast with Tim Chapman. Listen to the full conversation here. Hospital IQ · An Executive's View of COVID-19 Recovery Having spent over 35 years in the healthcare industry in a variety of roles, with the last 7 of those years working with health systems and healthcare IT companies as an advisor, [...]

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