Taking The Pain Out Of Off-Hours Staffing Adjustments

Staffing in healthcare presents around-the-clock challenges as the needs of the patient population constantly change. Nursing and Staffing managers are constantly pulled into the latest crisis during their shifts, and unfortunately those problems don’t end when they go home. If a staffing emergency arises when a manager isn’t on duty, in most cases determining the correct course of action requires [...]

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True Staffing Solutions Are Simple and Sustainable

Hospital IQ · Staffing Solutions Are Simple And Sustainable Would you prefer your nursing leaders spend the majority of their workday with their staff and patients? Or figuring out who should be where and who can be moved based on a staffing schedule that was out of date the moment it was posted? Unfortunately, most unit directors and charge nurses [...]

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MercyOne Des Moines Implements New Tasking Feature

Beth Woodvine is a Clinical Staff Leader in the House Supervisors and Staffing Department at MercyOne Des Moines. This blog is an edited version of a podcast with Beth Woodvine. You can listen to the full conversation in the player here: Hospital IQ · MercyOne Des Moines Implements New Tasking Feature When the COVID-19 pandemic came to Iowa, MercyOne Des Moines [...]

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Avoiding Nurse Burnout: A Critical Concern for Hospital Leadership

The job of caring for patients at the bedside is arguably the most difficult of any profession. They work long hours and the combination of physical and emotional challenges is unique to this industry. And as a constant eye for detail is critical to patient care, a single mistake caused by being overworked and/or overstressed could have fatal effects. Nurses [...]

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Hospital Highlights: MercyOne Des Moines

MercyOne Des Moines is the longest continually operating hospital in Des Moines with over 656 beds, over 34,000 annual patient admissions, and 1,200 nurses. Like many other hospitals, MercyOne Des Moines regularly confronted a recurring nurse staffing challenge: how to allocate the right number of nurses to the right unit to meet actual patient census demand amidst high turnover. This [...]

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With Predictive Analytics, Florida Hospital Tackles Census Forecasting Challenges

Florida is a popular place to retire. With the arrival of “snowbirds” every winter, local hospital leaders expect and plan for seasonal fluctuations in patient census. But what one area hospital didn’t plan for was a boom in Florida’s year-round population, including young people and families who have relocated to the area. This created a daunting challenge. Managing unpredictable patient [...]

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Using Predictive Analytics to Strategically Choose What Day to be Short-Staffed

The ability to choose what day a unit manager is short-staffed may not seem like a good thing, but it actually can be. Given today’s nursing shortages, most healthcare organizations know they are understaffed and are doing their best to recruit and hire. While predictive analytics can help staffing, many leaders in these organizations are skeptical about using it to [...]

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A Daily Dilemma: Balancing Efficiency and Redundancy

For nurse staffing managers, balancing the needs of the nurses with the financial constraints facing hospitals can be a delicate, daily process of politics and compromise. And for good reason: as Peter Drucker once remarked, “The hospital is altogether the most complex human organization ever devised.” It seems only natural that some of that complexity trickles down into issues surrounding [...]

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Striving for Improvement in Staffing, Not Perfection

An inpatient staffing manager is on a constant quest to ensure proper staffing ratios are met, and that his or her unit meets staff productivity goals. Staffing levels are often set weeks in advance and then adjusted the day-of to deal with unexpected call-offs and to better align with the current census. These day-of staffing adjustments can be costly, both [...]

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