Have Your Nursing Shortages Escalated Into Capacity Issues?

For years, we have heard about impending nursing shortages. Today, shortages that were regional and seemed manageable have escalated into much more critical problems. Surges of acutely ill patients during upswings in the pandemic, combined with a rebound of backlogged surgeries and delayed care, have stretched nurses to the breaking point. They’ve become burned out and are leaving the bedside. [...]

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Hospital Capacity Planning is More Than Patient Flow & Physical Space

Hospital capacity planning also requires enabling your frontline staff Technology solutions are often described as part of a three-legged stool, with people and process comprising the other legs. While technology is the enabler, people and processes must also be in sync in order for the technology to have the intended impact on operational improvement. Without all three, the strategy is [...]

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Nursing in Crisis: How Nurse Burnout is Impacting Patient Care

Survey Confirms Nurse Burnout Crisis The long-projected nursing shortage is now upon us. To gain a better understanding of the impact it’s having on frontline nurses, Hospital IQ recently surveyed over 200 registered nurses working in hospitals. While not completely surprising, the survey results are alarming. Here’s what we learned: Chronic short-staffing is having a negative impact on both patients [...]

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Don’t Leave Valuable Staffing Resources Underutilized In a Crisis

Health systems across the country are still experiencing significant effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing patient surges coupled with staff burnout and turnover are adding to the long-existing healthcare staffing crisis. Just like during the height of the pandemic, every available staffing resource is incredibly valuable. Yet we’ve found that many health systems are inadvertently underutilizing some of their own [...]

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The Cost of Caring: A Nurse’s Perspective

The long-discussed nursing shortage has been accelerated. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for 1.1 million new RNs for expansion and replacement of retirees by 2022. Compound that with more nurses than ever before leaving the profession for other industries, a shortage of nursing educators to teach and inspire the next generation of nurses, along with limited [...]

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5 Reasons to Embrace AI-Enabled Hospital Operations Management in Your Magnet Recognition Program Journey

As the 2021 ANCC National Magnet Conference approaches, I’ve been thinking about how technology can support successful nursing practices and contribute to job satisfaction for nurses. This is not much of a surprise given my background as an RN and my current role as Director of Clinical Solutions at Hospital IQ. Knowing that more than 9,000 nurses and nursing executives [...]

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Understanding Centralized Staffing and How to Use It Effectively

The aftermath of COVID has created the perfect storm in healthcare staffing that is continuing to expose the shortcomings of staffing in a non-centralized environment. When COVID first hit, organizations saw higher volumes in critical care. Since elective surgeries were paused and people avoided healthcare as much as possible, the challenge was understanding how to supplement critical care units with [...]

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Make Proactive Medical Staffing Decisions with Predictive Analytics

How are staffing decisions made in your health system? Proactively or reactively? Data-driven or gut feelings? Calmly and confidently or hair on fire? Predictive analytics for medical staffing makes decision-making easy Your workforce is your most valuable asset, and it’s under threat from nursing shortages, burnout and turnover. Yet, many health systems are still using outdated staffing strategies and old [...]

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How Improving Employee Engagement Improves Patient Care

Several years ago, a book about healthcare leadership hit the New York Times Bestseller List. The title of the book grabbed attention and made people stop and think. The name of the book: Patients Come Second. Almost anyone who works in healthcare will agree that patient care is at the heart of healthcare. Patients are at the center of everything [...]

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