Usable Data: It’s More Than Just About Timely Access

Most hospitals today have a great deal of valuable data stored within their information systems. However, in many cases the data is not easily accessible, requiring a resource-intensive effort by hospital analysts or external consultants to extract and massage the data into meaningful reports or other output. This often means that even when the data is made available, it is [...]

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Unleash the Value of Your Historical Healthcare IT Investments

Billions of dollars have been spent over the past 20 years on clinical software solutions that address discrete functional areas within the hospital (OR, ED, Inpatient, etc).  These solutions are continually optimized to address functional processes and have made providers more efficient in these specific areas and all while enhancing patient care. What these solutions haven’t yet done is exploit [...]

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No More Crystal Balls

Over the centuries, many people have believed it was possible to predict the future by reading tea leaves, consulting mystics, or looking into a crystal ball. (Some still do, but that’s a topic for a different post.) These days, most of us trust more scientific approaches for making predictions, and most mature industries rely heavily on science and technology to [...]

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Why Great Software Is Never Enough

Buying great software is never enough to truly achieve meaningful change. True change, in any organization, can only be achieved through a combination of three factors: people, process, PLUS technology. While the mantra seems simple, understanding its composition is the best way to recognize the path to innovation.  Change requires that people not only see an opportunity to improve a [...]

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The 5 Things Your Hospital’s Predictive Analytics Platform Must Do

Photo by Ifness/iStock / Getty Images A predictive analytics platform is an indispensable tool for improving hospital efficiency.  Whether you’re executing dozens of improvement initiatives, contemplating an expansion, or just trying to get a handle on what’s happening today, the right platform can provide the actionable intelligence to make faster and smarter decisions.  In fact, hospitals are finding they can’t [...]

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Trailblazing a Path to the Future of Healthcare Operations

Photo by wildpixel/iStock / Getty Images Joining Hospital IQ has allowed me to return to my roots: tapping the power of data and business intelligence to improve healthcare. Through the years, I’ve seen healthcare pioneers transform their operations through data. Until recently this type of work only took place at a handful of healthcare systems, ones with access to specialized [...]

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“Statistics and Compassion”

Photo by sindlera/iStock / Getty Images I watched the “Lego Batman” movie over the weekend. And yes, this is highly relevant to healthcare analytics. But first some background. In the movie, Batman’s one-man crime-fighting prowess is thrown off balance when a new young police commissioner takes over from a retiring commissioner Gordon. Instead of simply activating the bat-signal every time [...]

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“Stone Soup” Data Gathering

Data is the raw material that powers the growing industry of hospital analytics.  However, many well-meaning quality improvement and operational efficiency projects die simply because they cannot get the necessary data.  Given that most hospital IT departments have far more on their plate than hours in the day, overcoming this barrier has become a skill unto itself when Hospital IQ [...]

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Obviously Obvious

The value of obvious, especially when it's not As clients learn more about what we do, the braver ones ask "Isn't this all kinda obvious"?  A variant of this question is: "We know what our issues are, we don't need software to tell us what we already know".  I'm reminded of the joke that a consultant is a person who borrows [...]

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Excel is Dead. Long live Excel!

How I learned to stop worrying and love the spreadsheet. Excel is a wonderful tool for quickly modeling business and scientific data.  Those of us familiar with Excel and especially the pivot table functionality know how easy it can be to investigate data and identify meaningful patterns in a complex hospital extract.  Add in some knowledge of commands such as [...]

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