The Ultimate Guide To Improving OR Utilization with Predictive Analytics

The perioperative suite is the most expensive and most profitable part of any hospital. It’s an area that delivers huge returns when active but incurs massive overhead costs when idle. It’s critical to have predictability tied to your biggest line item, which is why most operating rooms are pre-scheduled with block allocation. This isn’t like a restaurant that needs a [...]

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Putting OR Schedulers in a Position to be Successful

The OR scheduling office is an integral part of an efficient perioperative suite, but it is also one that is too often overlooked. OR Schedulers are not only responsible for booking each procedure, but they are often also responsible for managing every request to release time or request for additional time in the OR. The actions they take around releasing [...]

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Four Key COVID-19 Questions for Your Perioperative Leadership

Many organizations have cancelled elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision, although necessary to open up capacity and resources, has had a severe effect on the patients still in need of procedures, as well as the hospital’s bottom line. This has left many organizations with an unprecedented backlog of surgeries, leading to several difficult questions that must be [...]

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Tackling First Case On-Time Starts Can Be a Quick Win

Anyone working in the perioperative arena is familiar with the importance of first case on-time starts, i.e. starting the first cases scheduled for the day in each operating room on time.  When these cases run late, it has a cascading effect on cases scheduled afterward, leading to overruns and inefficient use of costly operating room resources including staff. Tackling first [...]

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Improving Access to OR Time with Predictive Analytics

Thirty years ago, some people predicted we would have flying cars and colonies on Mars by 2020. While these predictions were far-fetched, one technology-enabled advancement we have seen is the ability to easily make reservations from any connected device — computer, tablet, mobile phone, Amazon Echo — anywhere. Hotels, cars, package delivery, restaurant reservations, gym trainers; any type of need [...]

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Hospital Highlights: University Hospitals

University Hospitals is an academic health system in Cleveland, Ohio with 2,240 beds, 128 ORs, and 150,000 surgeries performed annually. In 2017, the system undertook an ambitious initiative to improve quality while saving $400 million over five years. In the perioperative department specifically, they were given goals to increase surgical volume, increase the number of complex cases performed at the [...]

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Hospital Highlights: Hendrick Health System

Hendrick Health System is a private health system in Abilene Texas, serving a 23 county region. They are a level III trauma center with 564 beds and 16 multi-specialty operating rooms, performing 10,000+ surgeries annually. Hendrick partnered with Hospital IQ in early 2018 to address some operational issues they were facing in their perioperative service. To get a better understanding [...]

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Building a Perioperative Strategic Plan

Managing an operating room is a complex and vitally important responsibility. As one of the primary revenue generators for the hospital, ORs require significant attention to maintain volume and a high demand for capital. Additionally, since OR cases are inherently risky, and complications may occur, a keen focus on quality and outcomes is warranted. Hopefully, you’ve been a participant in [...]

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Flip Rooms Are Nothing to Flip-Out About

Awarding surgeons a flip room, in which they have two rooms allocated to them at the same time, is a common and entrenched practice. But a flip room consumes twice the resources (space, OR time, staff, etc.) as a regular block, and therefore is rightly subjected to high levels of scrutiny. From a surgeon’s perspective, flip rooms greatly improve their [...]

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