Flip Rooms Are Nothing to Flip Out About

Assessment Analysis for a Well-Constructed OR Flip Room Plan Awarding surgeons a flip room is a common practice and often a driving force in recruiting and retaining in-demand surgeons and service lines. From a surgeon’s perspective, flip rooms greatly improve their efficiency and time management. Conversely, from the hospital’s perspective, they generally lower overall utilization and consume twice the resources [...]

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Building a Perioperative Strategic Plan

Perioperative Management Requires a Strong Strategy The perioperative suite is a vitally important and extremely complex area for hospital leaders. It generates around 60% of a hospital’s revenue, but also 60% of expenses just in one cost center. This area requires significant attention, strategy, and execution to maintain volume and in turn, contribution margin. With this in mind, it can [...]

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KPIs to Measure for Sustainable OR Operations Improvement

Managing the operating room block schedule is a both an art and a science. One change has a ripple effect across multiple variables, so it requires meticulous consideration, careful planning, and managing relationships with those impacted by change. Perioperative leaders who find it challenging to mine and analyze data to make informed changes that improve OR utilization and support goals are not alone.

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How to Automate your Operating Room Scheduling Policy

One constant theme on the Hospital IQ product roadmap is automation. We are always striving to build a low-touch, high-impact solution that sustains itself. As we discussed last year, intelligent automation is what will truly set innovative companies like Hospital IQ apart. The newest feature of our Perioperative solution further automates the process of creating, finding, and filling operating room [...]

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The Benefits of Machine Learning for Perioperative Leadership

EHRs are amazing sources of data, but that data is not always accessible or usable. It can be very difficult and time-consuming to aggregate and analyze, and when perioperative leaders attempt to use that data to drive improvement initiatives, stakeholders may challenge the accuracy and by default stall progress. Hospital IQ’s Perioperative solution solves this problem by collating disparate data [...]

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How to Improve Hospital Throughput and Patient Flow

Hospital throughput is a critical aspect to meeting perioperative goals, but many hospital leaders overlook how throughput in the OR (operating room) is interconnected with areas outside of the perioperative suite. Each operating day starts off with a well-considered plan, but schedule changes, unexpected capacity issues, and other constraints can have cascading effects throughout the hospital, leaving perioperative leaders scrambling [...]

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Three Keys to Improving Perioperative Block Utilization

Today’s high-tech operating rooms are a marvel of modern technology, but the planning and management of these ORs still rely on the traditional, manual block scheduling methods that came into favor decades ago. Given that idle ORs cost a hospital money while active ORs make money, it’s crucial that surgical block utilization is maximized with efficient throughput and minimal delays, [...]

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Simplifying the Surgical Block Utilization Process

Caroline Palmer, MD, named the first woman Anesthesiology Chair of Stanford Medical School in 1909, was a key contributor in the development of what we know today as operating room efficiency. “Her recommendations, published in 1923, were clearly ahead of their time and are nearly indistinguishable from those currently practiced by anesthesia departments in university hospitals.” 1  noted Dr. Jay [...]

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