How to Expedite Your Patient Discharge Process

A high-priority topic for many healthcare organizations is establishing an efficient discharge process. How can hospitals decrease the time it takes to discharge a patient? Hospital IQ has worked with our clients to develop the patient flow planner, a discharge automation tool that reduces length of stay through better patient flow management. One of the most successful discharge practices we’ve [...]

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COVID-19 is Here to Stay. So Are Good Discharge Practices.

With the resurgence of COVID-19 both in the U.S. and wider world, it’s safe to say the pandemic will be with us for a long time, and possibly in multiple waves. This has of course affected hospitals across the country, increasing patient volume with longer-than-average patient stays at a time when most hospitals have resumed elective surgeries and are experiencing [...]

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5 Strategies for Hospitals to Reduce Inefficiencies and Patient Length of Stay

This article was originally published on Becker's Hospital Review. Growth in the healthcare industry has helped to increase accessibility to services, but it has often led to operational inefficiencies. By using predictive analytics, healthcare providers can tackle these inefficiencies, giving clinicians and administrators the time and insight to proactively manage potential issues, resulting in improved patient care. Adopting these tools [...]

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Surge Plans: They’re Not Just for the Emergency Department

For years, I’ve had a weekly Google alert that serves up articles on hospital patient flow. About 75% of the articles I get are news stories about packed emergency departments (EDs): patients lined up in on gurneys in hallways, primarily in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and India. These patients are waiting for both treatment [...]

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How to Accelerate Inpatient Discharge Management

I’m not breaking any new ground when I say that improving hospital patient flow is really, really hard. Several months ago, I wrote about the challenges in improving observation patient management. (You can now see the recent outcomes of that work here!) I’d like to expand those ideas to tackle a thornier problem: inpatient discharge management. Those on the front [...]

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With Predictive Analytics, Florida Hospital Tackles Census Forecasting Challenges

Florida is a popular place to retire. With the arrival of “snowbirds” every winter, local hospital leaders expect and plan for seasonal fluctuations in patient census. But what one area hospital didn’t plan for was a boom in Florida’s year-round population, including young people and families who have relocated to the area. This created a daunting challenge. Managing unpredictable patient [...]

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Get Off Paper and On the Same Page

Mobile technology and great software allow hospital systems to manage discharges with an eye toward reducing length of stay and freeing up bed capacity. We’ve all seen it: physicians, nurses, care managers and patient flow specialists carrying a familiar clipboard or binder with printed patient information while they’re making their hospital rounds. You may even be a member of one [...]

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No Average Day – Why Hospitals Should Focus on Variation

When trying to understand a particular issue — whether related to cost, quality, or the patient experience — hospital administrators and health care policymakers can face a deluge of different data and data sources. This data, however, will almost always be condensed with a convenient summary metric, namely, an average. Average length of stay, average boarding time, average time to [...]

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The Path to Better Observation Management

Hospital care in the U.S. is a complex dance of coordination and communication. Management guru Peter Drucker wrote in 2002 that the hospital is “altogether the most complex human organization ever devised.” Drucker was talking about the proliferation of “knowledge workers” in today’s workforce – groups like physical therapists, lab and imaging techs, care managers, and so many more that [...]

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Steps to Improving Length of Stay: Strategic, Tactical, and Technical

Happy 2019! To celebrate the new year, let’s visit an old topic: hospital length of stay (LOS). It’s a universal and critical metric in U.S. healthcare: the amount of time in an episode of hospitalization from admission to discharge. Most U.S. hospitals have some sort of desire to reduce LOS in some way. But despite being a metric with a [...]

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