Data Language: Why IT Needs a Seat at the Table

Co-authored by Ben Resner and Brandon Azoulai. Hospitals have historically been focused on providing an environment where doctors and nurses can provide excellent care for patients. In more recent years, pharmacists, physical therapists, dieticians, and many other allied health professions have been added to the core patient care team. However, IT professionals have traditionally been excluded from this team. This [...]

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4 Steps for Adopting Predictive Analytics in Your Hospital

The combination of readily accessible data and artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually transform healthcare as we know it. Many senior leaders in process improvement roles find themselves discussing the need to become more proactive in their operations by leveraging predictive analytics, but they don’t know where to start. Here are four steps to help anyone get started on your first [...]

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3 Ways to Improve the Governance of Your Hospital’s Operations

Improving a hospital’s operations can seem like a monumental journey. The processes are complex. The policies can be complex. The staffing needs are complex. Regardless of the setting (ED, OR, inpatient), leaders often struggle to navigate the environment and find ways to not only bring order, but to improve their current position. Implementing a new or improving an existing governance [...]

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Are You a Clinical or Systems Thinker?

People who make healthcare their career fall somewhere in the spectrum between “systems thinkers” and “clinical thinkers”. If you’ve ever wondered where you are, try this simple take-home personality test, based on your reaction to this hypothetical statement: 2017 was the first year ever with zero commercial jet passenger deaths. Most people see that as a huge accomplishment, but I [...]

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Bridging Data and Clinical Context is Key to Improving Patient Care and Operational Efficiency

Gathering and organizing the vast level of data available to hospitals and health systems in ways that efficiently and effectively facilitate patient care can be challenging. Relevant data is often spread across multiple information systems, and the clinicians who know which pieces of information are useful are frequently in partial or total knowledge silos from the analysts who know where [...]

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The Role of Forecasting in Improving Hospital Operations

As we head into winter here in Boston, a favorite topic of school-age kids is soothsaying when and whether school will be closed for snow.  As soon as news breaks of an approaching winter storm, instagram switches from the Kardashians and Oscar snubs to weather maps and polar vortexes in an attempt to figure out if school is open or [...]

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From Forecasting to Action – the Keys to Unlock Efficiency

From Aristotle’s theories in meteorology in the fourth century B.C., to the Royal Navy’s first modern forecasts in the mid-19th century, to Al Roker, people have long wanted to understand what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. In that time, the science of forecasting has come a long way. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you believe [...]

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Hospital Operational Transformation Starts with Transparent and Verifiable Data

Traditional methods for managing the OR often lead to unnecessary conflict between surgeons, nursing, and administration, and poor data analytics is usually a root cause or very close. In the absence of reliable metrics that are verifiable and actionable, staff resort to previous experience, instincts and politics to make decisions. We meet clients with the assumption that all players in [...]

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Humanity and Data: Combining Mission and ROI in Healthcare Operations

For the past eight years, my family and I have been hosts for Hospitality Homes, a Boston-based organization that connects local volunteers who have a spare bedroom with out-of-town families of patients in Boston for medical treatment. We’ve had guests from all over the word, and they stay for as little as one night and as long as four months. [...]

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Trailblazing a Path to the Future of Healthcare Operations

Photo by wildpixel/iStock / Getty Images Joining Hospital IQ has allowed me to return to my roots: tapping the power of data and business intelligence to improve healthcare. Through the years, I’ve seen healthcare pioneers transform their operations through data. Until recently this type of work only took place at a handful of healthcare systems, ones with access to specialized [...]

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