Flexible Block Management Transforms OR Scheduling

Perioperative leaders focus on structuring block schedules by surgeon or service line to maximize use of operating rooms. But most approaches pigeonhole organizations into a one-size-fits-all approach for managing blocks that doesn't align with surgeons' needs, departmental priorities, or changing circumstances, leading to financial repercussions and dissatisfied surgeons and staff. Experts in Block Scheduling Management In a May webinar hosted [...]

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Hospital Data Management & Preventing Forever-itis in IT Projects

At Hospital IQ, we start projects with strong data management. We maintain a data specification that we share with customers so they can understand and scope out the amount of work necessary to set up our software platform. A detailed review of this specification usually happens at the main kickoff meeting after the contract has been signed, but it can [...]

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The Best Way to Engage a New Client’s IT Team

When the demos are done and the ink is dry on the contacts, the messy and detailed work of extracting data from client IT systems gets underway in earnest. We have likely already had a meeting or two with IT leadership where we can make a first impression and help them understand the type of data we need, but we’ve [...]

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MercyOne Des Moines Implements New Tasking Feature

Beth Woodvine is a Clinical Staff Leader in the House Supervisors and Staffing Department at MercyOne Des Moines. This blog is an edited version of a podcast with Beth Woodvine. You can listen to the full conversation in the player here: Hospital IQ · MercyOne Des Moines Implements New Tasking Feature When the COVID-19 pandemic came to Iowa, MercyOne Des Moines [...]

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National Nurses Week: Client Nurses Spotlight

Every day nurses around the globe deliver dedicated and compassionate care to those in their communities. Here at Hospital IQ, we are honored to work with so many wonderful nurses at our client sites. As National Nurses Week comes to an end, we want to take a moment and spotlight some of the amazing nurses we work with. Shawna Gunn, [...]

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Hospital Highlights: MercyOne Des Moines

MercyOne Des Moines is the longest continually operating hospital in Des Moines with over 656 beds, over 34,000 annual patient admissions, and 1,200 nurses. Like many other hospitals, MercyOne Des Moines regularly confronted a recurring nurse staffing challenge: how to allocate the right number of nurses to the right unit to meet actual patient census demand amidst high turnover. This [...]

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Hospital Highlights: University Hospitals

University Hospitals is an academic health system in Cleveland, Ohio with 2,240 beds, 128 ORs, and 150,000 surgeries performed annually. In 2017, the system undertook an ambitious initiative to improve quality while saving $400 million over five years. In the perioperative department specifically, they were given goals to increase surgical volume, increase the number of complex cases performed at the [...]

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Hospital Highlights: Hendrick Health System

Hendrick Health System is a private health system in Abilene Texas, serving a 23 county region. They are a level III trauma center with 564 beds and 16 multi-specialty operating rooms, performing 10,000+ surgeries annually. Hendrick partnered with Hospital IQ in early 2018 to address some operational issues they were facing in their perioperative service. To get a better understanding [...]

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