7 Tenets for Managing Surgical Services During COVID-19

Last week we participated in the 2020 OR Manager Conference. Although things may have looked different this year, it was still a fantastic event where perioperative leaders connected with their peers to network and share best practices. They were also able to virtually visit booths like ours to see the latest in technology and surgical suite improvements. I had the [...]

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How to Expedite Your Patient Discharge Process

A high-priority topic for many healthcare organizations is establishing an efficient discharge process. How can hospitals decrease the time it takes to discharge a patient? Hospital IQ has worked with our clients to develop the patient flow planner, a discharge automation tool that reduces length of stay through better patient flow management. One of the most successful discharge practices we’ve [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Improving OR Utilization with Predictive Analytics

The perioperative suite is the most expensive and most profitable part of any hospital. It’s an area that delivers huge returns when active but incurs massive overhead costs when idle. It’s critical to have predictability tied to your biggest line item, which is why most operating rooms are pre-scheduled with block allocation. This isn’t like a restaurant that needs a [...]

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Taking The Pain Out Of Off-Hours Staffing Adjustments

Staffing in healthcare presents around-the-clock challenges as the needs of the patient population constantly change. Nursing and Staffing managers are constantly pulled into the latest crisis during their shifts, and unfortunately those problems don’t end when they go home. If a staffing emergency arises when a manager isn’t on duty, in most cases determining the correct course of action requires [...]

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COVID-19 is Here to Stay. So Are Good Discharge Practices.

With the resurgence of COVID-19 both in the U.S. and wider world, it’s safe to say the pandemic will be with us for a long time, and possibly in multiple waves. This has of course affected hospitals across the country, increasing patient volume with longer-than-average patient stays at a time when most hospitals have resumed elective surgeries and are experiencing [...]

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The Pivot to Remote Implementation During COVID-19

Implementing operations management software at hospitals can be challenging even under normal circumstances. Not only concerning the technical aspects, but the interaction with key stakeholders during the process as well. Although data acquisition, mapping, configuration, and testing are the nuts and bolts of any implementation, other areas are critical for not only deploying a system, but ensuring that the client [...]

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Putting OR Schedulers in a Position to be Successful

The OR scheduling office is an integral part of an efficient perioperative suite, but it is also one that is too often overlooked. OR Schedulers are not only responsible for booking each procedure, but they are often also responsible for managing every request to release time or request for additional time in the OR. The actions they take around releasing [...]

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Scale and Scalability: What’s the Right Scale for Analysis

Last year I attended an online seminar hosted by a large New England hospital. The speaker summarized some of the operational research and analytics that he and his team had developed using the hospital’s data. By pulling a variety of data from the hospital’s EHR - everything from demographic data to vital signs - and running fairly sophisticated models, they [...]

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True Staffing Solutions Are Simple and Sustainable

Hospital IQ · Staffing Solutions Are Simple And Sustainable Would you prefer your nursing leaders spend the majority of their workday with their staff and patients? Or figuring out who should be where and who can be moved based on a staffing schedule that was out of date the moment it was posted? Unfortunately, most unit directors and charge nurses [...]

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