The Supply Chain Perspective of Reopening Surgical Services During COVID-19 Recovery

Patricia Hoch is the Senior Sourcing Director & Value Analysis at Inova Health System in Northern Virginia, and the CEO of GapLogic. She recently joined Hospital IQ for a leadership roundtable on reopening surgical services during COVID-19 recovery where she provided her expertise on the supply chain. Inova Health Systems usually performs about 10,000 procedures a month across all of [...]

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Using Intelligent Automation to Plan COVID-19 Recovery Across Your Enterprise

In the first webinar in our COVID-19 recovery series, hospital leaders and executives shared that although their hospitals and home states were affected differently by the pandemic, they had a common set of concerns when it came to reopening the OR and rescheduling elective cases that had been cancelled due to COVID-19 mitigation strategies. From a financial perspective, revenue has [...]

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The Business Perspective of Re-Opening Surgical Services During COVID-19 Recovery

Dan Towarnicke is Vice President, Perioperative Services at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH. He recently joined Hospital IQ for a leadership roundtable on re-opening surgical services during COVID-19 recovery. In just the past two and a half months, we've had over 4,000 surgical procedures and 2,000 cath lab procedures, elective procedures, and endoscopies postponed due to COVID-19. Across University Hospitals [...]

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National Nurses Week: Client Nurses Spotlight

Every day nurses around the globe deliver dedicated and compassionate care to those in their communities. Here at Hospital IQ, we are honored to work with so many wonderful nurses at our client sites. As National Nurses Week comes to an end, we want to take a moment and spotlight some of the amazing nurses we work with. Shawna Gunn, [...]

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National Nurses Week – Celebrating Our Nurses

For one week every year, beginning May 6 and ending May 12 on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, nurses across the country, and their positive impact on the healthcare system, are recognized and celebrated. Here at Hospital IQ, we are honored to have many dedicated, devoted nurses on our team. That's why to kick of National Nurses Week we had our VP of Client Operations [...]

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Reopening Surgical Services During COVID-19

Hospitals have been forced to cancel elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not only had a tremendous impact on perioperative operations and revenue, but has also created a large backlog of cases. I recently hosted a leadership roundtable with experts on the clinical and business side to discuss the strategies that are being used as facilities work [...]

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Four Key COVID-19 Questions for Your Perioperative Leadership

Many organizations have cancelled elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision, although necessary to open up capacity and resources, has had a severe effect on the patients still in need of procedures, as well as the hospital’s bottom line. This has left many organizations with an unprecedented backlog of surgeries, leading to several difficult questions that must be [...]

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COVID-19 Doesn’t Change What We Do, It Changes How We Do It

In normal times, Hospital IQ’s solutions use Intelligent Automation to dynamically align capacity to demand by giving our customers a 7-day census forecast, staffing needs, and discharge automation. But providing accurate forecasts can be difficult at the moment with so much still unknown about COVID-19. Transmission rates, hospitalization rates, whether the virus can be contracted for a second time, patient [...]

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Industry News: February 2020 Recap

The smallest influx in unexpected patient volume can throw a hospital for a loop if it’s not adequately prepared. From seasonal illnesses like the flu to full-blown medical pandemics such as what we’re seeing with the coronavirus, any type of patient surge puts a hospital’s operational systems to the test. This is where predictive analytics and advanced technologies like AI [...]

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