Best of Both Worlds

While abhorrent to some, the idea that hospitals are, at least operationally, a lot like factories isn’t a new idea. It was first presented in a famous McKinsey paper in 2001.  There has been a small dedicated group of thought leaders who have been proselytizing the idea that, just as we have done in manufacturing, the inefficiency of healthcare could be dramatically improved by the application of time-tested mathematics.

This week’s announcement of the relationship between TeleTracking and Hospital IQ brings together TeleTracking’s industry leading patient flow technologies with Hospital IQ’s next generation operations planning and management platform for hospitals.  The relationship will allow health systems across the country to now realize the benefit of workflow automation, advanced analytics and simulation-based modeling for their organization. This combination of technologies creates an environment to better manage, analyze, and optimize health systems much like manufacturing has done for decades.   

To achieve this transformation, the partnership is based on two primary principles. First, it is time to innovate the way real-time operations are managed by various stakeholders across our health systems.  TeleTracking is an industry leader that brings visibility, workflow and communication to over 900 customers across the globe.  Hospital IQ will strategically help TeleTracking and its customers see into the future by predicting census and OR volumes so they can make better, data-driven decisions throughout their days.    Healthcare employees in various roles can now experience a world where understanding your future census is as simple as checking the weather. 

Secondly, long-term strategic decisions are being made without a full understanding of the consequences on the entire operations, financials and general well-being of health system.  Hospital IQ’s capacity planning capabilities will help shape business cases and guide decision-making through the optimization of existing facilities and acquisition of new facilities during this transformative era of healthcare. 

Given TeleTracking’s significant install base and 25 years of expertise helping to drive efficiency with their customers, the relationship with Hospital IQ provides the next natural step to mature and optimize their organizations.  Hospital IQ is excited to bring our solutions, mathematical expertise and future innovations to help transform the industry – just as manufacturing did many decades ago. 

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