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Improving Access to OR Time with Predictive Analytics

Thirty years ago, some people predicted we would have flying cars and colonies on Mars by 2020. While these predictions were far-fetched, one technology-enabled advancement we have seen is the ability to easily make reservations from any connected device — computer, tablet, mobile phone, Amazon Echo — anywhere. Hotels, cars, package delivery, restaurant reservations, gym trainers; any type of need [...]

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Want to Optimize Infusion Operations? Here’s Where to Start

Like most of healthcare, there are many areas of opportunity to address in operating an infusion center. I have seen lists of performance improvement (PI) projects that would take years to complete. Most PI projects are good, but when faced with numerous choices, it can be quite daunting to pick where to start. This is compounded by the fact that [...]

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Your Hospital Should Focus on Learning From Machines, Not Machine Learning

Over the last two weeks, I heard two interesting perspectives on machine learning that illustrate the complexity associated with tools touting this functionality: From a CMO: “We purchased a machine learning tool that was supposed to predict the likelihood of sepsis, but it was complete garbage. How do we know your system works?” From a VP of Periop: “We are [...]

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The One Metric That Every Hospital Forgets to Measure

As an executive or clinician in a hospital, there are metrics that you monitor to understand how well you are doing operationally and clinically. Your performance may even be partially determined based on some of them. At a surface level, most metrics seem obvious and there may be an implicit assumption that they are obviously correct. If everyone else in [...]

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Surgical Scheduling: The “OpenTable” Equivalent

I was considering paying a visit to a Korean BBQ restaurant that recently opened near where I live, so I was perusing the reviews of the new spot. Strangely, all of them landed in one of two extreme groups: fabulous or terrible. This discrepancy led me to look deeper into the negative reviews, and I found that there was a [...]

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