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KPIs to Measure for Sustainable OR Operations Improvement

Managing the operating room block schedule is a both an art and a science. One change has a ripple effect across multiple variables, so it requires meticulous consideration, careful planning, and managing relationships with those impacted by change. Perioperative leaders who find it challenging to mine and analyze data to make informed changes that improve OR utilization and support goals are not alone.

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Nursing and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

As we honor and appreciate nurses during Nurses Month, the celebratory spirit of the event is balanced with concerns about how to keep nurses at the bedside as nursing shortages continue to be a challenge. While healthcare systems recognize that increasing staff satisfaction and improved patient turnover need to be priorities, taking action can be tricky. Between the COVID response [...]

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Nurses Week 2021: Why a Week, a Month or Even a Year Isn’t Enough

Celebrating nurses and their contributions during the month of May has been a part of my annual calendar for decades. Over the last year, the crucial role of nursing and the consequences of nursing shortages have become even more clear. As we relied on nurses to be the frontline care providers through the pandemic, we watched them navigate increased workloads [...]

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How to Improve Hospital Throughput and Patient Flow

Hospital throughput is a critical aspect to meeting perioperative goals, but many hospital leaders overlook how throughput in the OR (operating room) is interconnected with areas outside of the perioperative suite. Each operating day starts off with a well-considered plan, but schedule changes, unexpected capacity issues, and other constraints can have cascading effects throughout the hospital, leaving perioperative leaders scrambling [...]

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Simplifying the Surgical Block Utilization Process

Caroline Palmer, MD, named the first woman Anesthesiology Chair of Stanford Medical School in 1909, was a key contributor in the development of what we know today as operating room efficiency. “Her recommendations, published in 1923, were clearly ahead of their time and are nearly indistinguishable from those currently practiced by anesthesia departments in university hospitals.” 1  noted Dr. Jay [...]

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Perioperative Nurses Week: Recognizing this Crucial Role

Have you or someone you love ever had a surgical procedure? If so, you have personally been cared for by a perioperative nurse. Every year, the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) chooses one week to put the spotlight on this specialized group of nurses, and this year Perioperative Nurses Week is being celebrated from November 8-14th, 2020. I would [...]

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7 Tenets for Managing Surgical Services During COVID-19

Last week we participated in the 2020 OR Manager Conference. Although things may have looked different this year, it was still a fantastic event where perioperative leaders connected with their peers to network and share best practices. They were also able to virtually visit booths like ours to see the latest in technology and surgical suite improvements. I had the [...]

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National Nurses Week: Client Nurses Spotlight

Every day nurses around the globe deliver dedicated and compassionate care to those in their communities. Here at Hospital IQ, we are honored to work with so many wonderful nurses at our client sites. As National Nurses Week comes to an end, we want to take a moment and spotlight some of the amazing nurses we work with. Shawna Gunn, [...]

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Reopening Surgical Services During COVID-19

Hospitals have been forced to cancel elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not only had a tremendous impact on perioperative operations and revenue, but has also created a large backlog of cases. I recently hosted a leadership roundtable with experts on the clinical and business side to discuss the strategies that are being used as facilities work [...]

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Four Key COVID-19 Questions for Your Perioperative Leadership

Many organizations have cancelled elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision, although necessary to open up capacity and resources, has had a severe effect on the patients still in need of procedures, as well as the hospital’s bottom line. This has left many organizations with an unprecedented backlog of surgeries, leading to several difficult questions that must be [...]

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