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Tackling First Case On-Time Starts Can Be a Quick Win

Anyone working in the perioperative arena is familiar with the importance of first case on-time starts, i.e. starting the first cases scheduled for the day in each operating room on time. When these cases run late, it has a cascading effect on cases scheduled afterward, leading to overruns and inefficient use of costly operating room resources including staff. Tackling first [...]

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Pragmatically Flexible Software Development

At Hospital IQ, we use input from various sources to inform how we develop our software platform — market research, competitive analysis, and feedback from users, among others. Our development timelines have always been rapid, even as we’ve grown and added additional layers of process over time. Even so, based on priorities, some requested features can take a relatively long [...]

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Hospitals Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All, so Neither is our Approach

Hospitals and health systems often share common problems when it comes to optimizing their operational efficiency. But they each have unique circumstances – whether it’s the size of the organization, their strategic mission and growth goals, or even the populations they serve – that make a one-size-fits-all approach to improving operational efficiency ineffective at truly solving this critical business challenge. [...]

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Informing Strategic Decisions at a Fraction of the Traditional Cost

Hospitals today are operating in an uncertain environment. This includes a shift to value-based care (and with that, the associated questions regarding reimbursements), to increased M&A activity, new and non-traditional industry competitors like Amazon and CVS, and a move to care beyond the acute setting. This puts new pressures on hospitals to streamline operations and recapture revenues to support decreasing [...]

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Usable Data: It’s More Than Just About Timely Access

Most hospitals today have a great deal of valuable data stored within their information systems. However, in many cases the data is not easily accessible, requiring a resource-intensive effort by hospital analysts or external consultants to extract and massage the data into meaningful reports or other output. This often means that even when the data is made available, it is [...]

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The Shape-Shifting OR: Leveraging Predictive Tools to Effectively Manage the Day

For hospitals with a large number of operating rooms, organizing and managing activity throughout the day can be a complex undertaking. In the time leading up to the day of surgery, the schedule solidifies into an organized sequence of cases in each room with an associated number of simultaneous “rooms running” and staff required at any given time. However, the [...]

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Bridging Data and Clinical Context is Key to Improving Patient Care and Operational Efficiency

Gathering and organizing the vast level of data available to hospitals and health systems in ways that efficiently and effectively facilitate patient care can be challenging. Relevant data is often spread across multiple information systems, and the clinicians who know which pieces of information are useful are frequently in partial or total knowledge silos from the analysts who know where [...]

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The Importance of Optimizing Perioperative Staffing

Allocating the appropriate number and type of staff to surgical operating rooms can be challenging. To avoid understaffing and creating an unsafe environment, some hospitals tolerate significant amounts of idle time by staffing to historical peaks instead of surgical demand, often with an additional buffer to account for sick time and other paid time off. On-Demand Webinar: Increase Surgeon Engagement [...]

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No More Crystal Balls

Over the centuries, many people have believed it was possible to predict the future by reading tea leaves, consulting mystics, or looking into a crystal ball. (Some still do, but that’s a topic for a different post.) These days, most of us trust more scientific approaches for making predictions, and most mature industries rely heavily on science and technology to [...]

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How to Ensure Accountability in the OR

Accountability in operating room block utilization is critical to an organization’s ability to optimize throughput, minimize cost, and provide the best care.  Without accountability, it’s nearly impossible to allocate block time equitably; often time is given to those with the loudest voices rather than those with the best performance. Historically, accurate, accessible data regarding block and room utilization has been [...]

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