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Making Hospital Data More Persona(l) with Persona-based Reporting

We know different team members in the hospital have different needs when it comes to business intelligence. For instance, a nursing staff director will have different requirements than a perioperative command center lead. So it’s only natural that when it comes to hospital reporting and analytics, a persona-based reporting model delivers the greatest insights. But in practice, this approach has [...]

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Unleash the Value of Your Historical Healthcare IT Investments

Billions of dollars have been spent over the past 20 years on clinical software solutions that address discrete functional areas within the hospital (OR, ED, Inpatient, etc).  These solutions are continually optimized to address functional processes and have made providers more efficient in these specific areas and all while enhancing patient care. What these solutions haven’t yet done is exploit [...]

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Why Great Software Is Never Enough

Buying great software is never enough to truly achieve meaningful change. True change, in any organization, can only be achieved through a combination of three factors: people, process, PLUS technology. While the mantra seems simple, understanding its composition is the best way to recognize the path to innovation.  Change requires that people not only see an opportunity to improve a [...]

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